Cross Encounters Radio Addresses the False Teachings of Bethel “Church”

Kris VallotonOn Cross Encounters Radio, we have been setting up special broadcasts to address the false teachings of the Bethel “church” in Redding, California. Today, Tony Miano took to task the false gospel statements of senior associate pastor Chris Valloton. I highly recommend you check out the article Tony wrote in association with this broadcast, both of which can be found below:

“This article is the second in an ongoing series of articles looking at the false teaching and false practices of Bethel Church, in Redding, CA. In this article I will address the false gospel of false prophet and teacher, Kris Vallotton, Senior Associate Pastor at Bethel Church.

Here is Vallotton’s biography, posted on the Bethel Church website:
“Kris Vallotton is a noted prophetic voice in Northern California, and has trained prophetic teams in this region. He is a sought after speaker with a vision for equipping an “Elijah generation” for the end-time harvest. Kathy’s practical wisdom and prophetic insight combine to give her a unique and profound ministry as both an instructor and the school’s administrator. Kathy is also an anointed worship leader,assisting with the training of the worship teams at the school. Both Kris and his wife Kathy have a vision to raise up a company of warriors to impact this generation for Christ. Their goal is to see the fulfillment of Isaiah 61 with their own eyes. This prophecy begins with individual people getting delivered and healed–it ends with the ruined cities being restored. Kris says it is time for the fire of God to burn up His enemies and warm the hearts of the lost. This mandate has become their mission. God has instructed them to gather together warriors with like hearts, then train and equip them, and send them into the Harvest. Holy Spirit fortifications must be established in the midst of the darkest places of the planet earth. Kris is currently Senior Associate Pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California and Kris and his wife Kathy are Overseers at Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry. They have four children and five grandchildren.”

Read the article here: Bethel Church: The False Gospel of Kris Vallotton

8 thoughts on “Cross Encounters Radio Addresses the False Teachings of Bethel “Church”

  1. “Kris Vallotton is a noted prophetic voice in Northern California,”

    Really? By whose standards? I’m sure not by Biblical standards.


  2. I’m glad that Tony Miano is dealing with this church and all it’s occultic like practices; I feel that one of the criticism with Strange Fire was that it was too broad and I’m glad there are other bloggers filling in the specifics with some of the leading and popular Charismatics


  3. My family and I attended a local church which claimed to be under the spiritual guidance of Bethel Church in Redding California. Soon enough, we began to notice some serious error from both the pulpit and the guest speakers that came down from Redding. The “greasy grace” doctrine was what ultimately forced us to leave but also the condoning of people like Todd Bentley and others, including one “prophetic healer” who was a practicing homosexual. We confronted our pastor about these things and were accused of being involved in “witchcraft” against the church.

    I personally attended after moving back in with my parents and mainly out of respect for that fact, but I have had serious concerns about the full gospel/charismatic movement for a long time. I’m praying for an act of God to intervene and open the eyes of the believers that have gotten caught up in Bill Johnson’s ministry, but honestly, I wonder if the better part of them are even truly saved. Jesus said His sheep will know His voice and the voice of another, they’ll not obey.

    It’s a sobering thought.


  4. I’m very concerned for the people who attend Bethel. I’m convinced the gospel is not preached there. My prayer is that God would bring that ‘church’ to naught.


  5. Shane – your prayer doesn’t seem to be working! Bethel is thriving, they are lion netted with nearly every major Christian leader and movement across the world. God is using them to change the face of the planet and thousands large giving their life to Jesus across the world through those connected with Bethel ministry. Just look at the fruit. I am just one who’s life has been set on fire for God again after listening to and reading stuff by Bill Johnson. Many criticise but their fruit seems to be hidden. Let God open your eyes!!


  6. Martin, the work of the evil one continues to flourish across the world but that does not mean he is right or in line with God’s Word. Bethel is full of false teaching and one day judgment will come to her false teachers. You may not see it in this life, but it will surely come because the Word of God stands complete in truth.

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