4 thoughts on “Quotes: No man knows the end of sin.

  1. Wow! I pray that I keep my eyes fixed on the Lord. I remember when I yielded to sin without reservation. I thank the Lord that be His grace, my sins did not see its end.

    I have a daughter who has fallen into sin and my heart hurts. I pray that the Lord will grant her repentance. This quote is what churns my stomach and then I am reminded of the goodness of the Lord! We need to pray for our neighbors, family, and friends who are slaves to sin. As believers we know that the Lord has a dreadful day set in motion for them. Please continue to be light and salt to this sin-loving people.

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  2. Great warning and reminder about the sinful nature of our flesh. And good reminder, Mark, about the promise of age to come.

    BTW, Charles Leiter’s book, “The Law of Christ”, is awesome!

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