All Christians are Christians?

This may seem like a strange title, but after my comments on an article that I read this week on FoxNews, I think you will see the dilemma I am in.

However, before I continue with my comments on the article, I want to say that there are many who will take umbrage and be offended at what I will say here today. You see, we have become a nation of wishy-washy, whatever-floats-your-boat, don’t-offend-anybody, and don’t-judge-me church goers. Sadly, the transition was so gradual that most people never even noticed the shift.

There was a time that you would walk through an airport and knew exactly who the followers of Sun Myung Moon (also known as Moonies or members of the Unification Church) were and what they were trying to peddle. For those who have not looked recently, they are still around (normally older couples though) but they no longer wear their hair long in a braid. They do not have a shaved head, nor do they wear saffron-colored robes. Today, they are very much a modern organization that is still looking to attract followers to its mantra of global peace, defense of religious organizations, and extravagant marriage ceremonies around the world.


However, they are still a cult and those who choose to follow the teachings of Sun Myung Moon are NOT Christians. In fact, those who choose to follow this sinful man who THINKS he is the embodiment and the Second Coming of Christ will find themselves judged by the True God of heaven one day if they do not place their faith in Jesus Christ alone. Part of the problem though is that, like many other religious establishments, they learned that to make inroads into “evangelical America” they had to become a shape-shifting chameleon.

Let’s move to another organization that has written the manual on how to be a shape-shifting chameleon. This is the Mormon establishment, that self-styles itself as being “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.” Since its inception at the hands of an open soothsayer and serial adulterer, Joseph Smith, this religious cult has continued to be defined, NOT just by what it claims in its doctrine, but also, by what it continues to change in order to take more unsuspecting people under its umbrella and place them in bondage to false teaching.

This brings us back to the article that I mentioned at the beginning. Please note that this article COULD have been written by many self-seeking, seeker-sensitive pastors and churches today, BUT IT WAS NOT. It COULD have been written by many who claim that they know and love the Lord Jesus Christ and say they believe in the essential doctrines known as the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, BUT IT WAS NOT.

This article was written by an adherent to the Mormon religion, also known as a cult.

“Why Can’t Christians Be More Christian?”

The author touts what his community accomplishes before launching into an illustration of somebody approaching some children and handing them a gospel tract. The evangelist asks them if they love Jesus and a short conversation ensues. The author knows this situation because it was his children that were confronted by this individual seeking to “win them to Christ.”


And here is where the problem starts that MOST in evangelical churches today will NOT have one single issue with the author of the news article, but will probably be angry with me.

The author immediately jumps to a one paragraph notation about how Christians around the world are being persecuted, and at this point, MOST will stand and say, “Yes, of course, those poor Christians, we MUST stand with them.” He alludes to some of the travesties and murders that have taken place in countries like in Syria and Iraq (under ISIS) and in Egypt with the beheadings of Coptic believers.

Then, he makes this statement — “If we’re being threatened, dared and diminished, why aren’t all Christians standing together? Because we differ on some pieces of the faith puzzle?” (Emphasis is mine.)

“Amen and Amen,” shout all the churches and pastors who want to be ALL things to all people. Rephrased, “Why can’t we all just get along? We are supposed to be loving one another, not being judgmental because, after all, the Bible says, ‘DO NOT JUDGE!'”

“Wow”, you might interject at this point. “Mark, how could you POSSIBLY NOT agree with such a statement?”

I am soooooo glad you asked because the author does not stop to make a statement to try and join Christians as bands of brothers in arms against a common enemy – those nasty ISIS types. No, he boldly lays out his colors, girds on his sword, and marches into the fray with a doctrinal inclusion that could not have been done better by Joseph Smith himself.

Three times, the author of the article begins three separate paragraphs with the words, “FELLOW CHRISTIANS…”

Before we go one more step, I want you to consider that this is being written from a man, who just a few short years ago would have been ex-communicated from the LDS cult for such a statement. The power players in the LDS system have long claimed that “Mormons are NOT Christians.” However, I digress. Back to the article at hand. Let’s look at the three statements.

  1. “Fellow Christians, we do not have to agree on everything to believe that we are literally children of God. And that he loves us.”
  2. “Fellow Christians, we do not have to agree on everything to agree that he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to live, minister, bleed and die for us. For all of us.”
  3. “Fellow Christians, we do not have to agree on everything to agree that there is something waiting on the other side. We may differ on how it might look, but can we acknowledge there is something more for every single one of us who strives to live as a disciple of Christ?”

“But…but…but…Mark, surely, you CANNOT be disagreeing with these statements?”

Yes, I can already hear the storm clouds gathering. For the record, without a shadow of a doubt, with the Word of God as my witness and guide, I hereby declare that ALL 3 statements are FALSE and will take you to hell if you believe what the author of this article wants you to believe about him and the teachings of his “church.”

This man is NOT a fellow Christian. Sadly, he has been greatly deceived and my heart breaks for him and all who have swallowed these lies. Let me explain.

A. The LDS system of religion believes that EVERY man and woman in the world is LITERALLY a child of God. This is because they teach that “Father God” is on a planet called Kolob having eternal and glorious sex with his harem of wives. Each wife has the “privilege” of giving birth to as many spirit babies as she can for the rest of eternity and then that spirit baby gets sent to earth to inhabit a human body. Each male baby can then grow up and hope for the rest of his life that he will one day be good enough and do enough works to get to establish his own planet called Kolob 479 or Kolob 480 or whatever the next number is that has not been taken already. Each female baby has the “privilege” of growing up with the soul-wrenching knowledge that she will be confined to a birthing chamber for all of eternity popping out spirit babies to inhabit another earth-like planet somewhere. Yes, the Mormons believe that we are ALL literally a child of God, but for this reason and this reason alone.

Does that sound Biblical to you?

B. The LDS religion does NOT believe that Jesus Christ came to be the substitionary atonement for sins. They do NOT believe that Jesus is the ONLY begotten Son of God. They believe that “Father God” came down to earth and had literal sexual relations with one of his own spirit daughters (become human) named Mary and out of this incestuous relationship came just another spirit baby who became Jesus Christ, who in turn offered a “plan of salvation” to “Father God” for the acceptance of humanity. This was fortunately accepted and all who believe such a system and are ultimately approved by the founder of the LDS religion, Joseph Smith, will be one day, possibly, maybe, we-can-only-hope be granted access into one of the better levels of heaven and be able to start our own little planet having eternal sex. As for dying on the cross, the cross is offensive to the LDS religion because of what it stands for.

Does that sound Biblical to you?

C. Final point – The Roman Catholic church believes that purgatory is waiting on the other side. Does that mean we are fellow Christians and that just because we don’t believe in purgatory that we can still acknowledge that there is something to hope for? The Mormon religion believes there is a Kolob planet for all the faithful to inhabit. So, does that REALLY make them fellow Christians?

Does that sound Biblical to you?

There are many who “strive to live as a disciple of Christ” but on the day of judgment, Christ will say them, “Depart from me, for I never knew you! You are a worker of iniquity.” Acknowledging that something called purgatory, nirvana, the great pumpkin patch in the sky, or Kolob is available for anybody who works hard enough demeans the cross of Christ. It demeans what Christ set out to accomplish and paid for with His precious blood.

This poor man concludes with some of the following statements —

“I also understand there are doctrinal differences across the spectrum of Christianity.”

“But love is greater than these differences, isn’t it?”

“Christ is greater than all of this, isn’t he?”

Oh, my dear friends, if you think that the LDS teaching is JUST another branch of true Christianity, you are duped and will one day be judged for your unbelief in the true Christ of the Bible.

If you are a pastor or seeker-sensitive church that strives to be all things to all people and just strive to love everybody and sing “Kumbaya” together at the expense of the gospel, then yours will be the greater judgment!

This is NOT about “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” That is poor theology at best, and damning at worst. John 3:36 makes it clear that if you do not believe, then the wrath of God STILL REMAINS upon you.

The apostle Paul told the Galatians that if ANY MAN or ANY ANGEL preach a different gospel, they were to be accursed. The Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon and the Mormons are NOT Christians. We have no right standing with them in any fight for the fight is one of spiritual and eternal consequences. Having said all of this though, we have a responsibility to share with true Christian love that Christ came to die for sinners, of whom we are the chief ones. There is nothing in our hands we can bring to find acceptance in Christ.  Our salvation comes by grace through faith alone in Christ alone and to believe otherwise will reap the consequences of separation from the presence of God in heaven forever.

TRUE fellow believers, we must stand for the truth. The ranks of these false religions are filling up with people who do not know their Bibles. They are being duped by the moralistic teachings of a system that hates everything about the true Jesus Christ, who is the ONLY begotten Son of God. He who is very God.

7 thoughts on “All Christians are Christians?

  1. This article is just like the Muslims who are killed and defamed for not being Muslim enough. You are a piece of the same pie. Your statements about the LDS have often been used to put Baptists against Methodists, and Evangelicals against this or that, because some self proclaimed know-it-all says they are not Christian enough. How about being christian enough to promote some peace. but maybe that is too much Christianity to ask of anyone being proclaiming to be Christian. Perhaps you are just christian enough to justify your harmful words and continue to promote the abuse of others.


  2. Leif, I am afraid that you are sadly mistaken. There is a huge difference between what I shared and Muslims. True Christians are those who have by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone placed their faith in the Biblical truth that Jesus Christ alone is the way to heaven. Those are God’s rules, not based on man-made religions. True Christians do not kill others or put them to the sword because they do not believe in Christ. Even Mormonism and Roman Catholicism cannot get away from the fact that they have killed those who did not convert. They are no different from the followers of Islam.

    I do not claim to know everything, but I DO know the Lord Jesus Christ. There is NO such thing as being Christian enough. Either you are a follower of Christ, or you are not. If you are, that means you are following His commands, not man-made rules.

    Finally, there was absolutely NOTHING in my article to promote the abuse of others. NOTHING!! Our purpose here is to share the truth of God’s Word and allow His Holy Spirit to do His work in the hearts of sinful, depraved individuals who recognize their need of a Savior. By the way, there is no peace apart from Jesus Christ so for a religion to try and promote such apart from Jesus Christ is a fallacy that will only end in judgment.

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  3. i disagree. But I do not doubt your conviction. The pastor that threw the pamphlets at the children when they said they loved Jesus in the article you reference uses your same information to justify his treatment of those children – not Christian enough. They Loved Jesus, but they were not Christian enough to merit decent treatment. And if he believed they were not Christian enough to merit a kind Christian word, how did his acts contribute to keeping them within reach, to be reclaimed to what he believes is true Christianity. In the name of Christianity he sought to debase those children. In your article you did not correct the pastor. You only reiterated what so many religious leaders use to justify non-christian treatment of others – even those children. I could have been more accepting of your information if you would have been willing to correct the experience of the writers family at the had of a Christian. But I get the haunting feeling that you agree with his treatment of the children based on your beliefs of what you believe those children believe.


  4. Actually, Leif, you would be wrong again. The purpose of the article was not to endorse anything the “pastor” did. The reality is that there are always two sides to a story and without actually knowing from the “pastor” what he did or didn’t do, I have no ability to bring judgment on him. However, having said that, if the event actually took place as the children portrayed that it took place, then I would not be willing to endorse or have anything to do with such an individual because that is NOT showing Biblical Christianity. The treatment of children or adults should never be based on how or what they believe. If you actually knew me, you would know that I strive to respect others even though I may disagree with them. I do not use derogatory names even against false religions.

    The entire purpose of my post was to point out the truth that Mormons are not Christians. For that matter though, there are many Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, and Evangelicals who are not Christians either. The problem is that most people will read my article and jump to conclusions, not about the doctrine, but about the attitudes. Biblical Christianity says that I am to love God with all my heart, soul, and mind. The second commandment is like it, namely, that I am to love my neighbor as myself. If I cannot share the truth with grace and love, then I do not have the knowledge of biblical Christianity.

    Again, the point of my article was to show that not all that claim to be Christians are Christians. This is true of the Mormons or Roman Catholics who would claim another gospel that is not from the Bible. However, it is also just as true, and I have written about this before, of those whose orthopraxy does not match their claimed orthodoxy. In other words, their lives do not match what they claim to believe with their doctrine.

    I hope this clarifies for you, but if not, feel free to keep posting and asking. I appreciate your thoughts.


  5. Well said brother Mark. The Church is built upon the foundation of the 4 gospels and the real and original Apostles such as Paul. If anyone teaches another gospel …..let them be accursed….
    Jesus demands that we love Him above ALL others. The sentiment carries over to denominations as well. I appreciate and support my home church but if they wilfully go astray on the essential doctrines I will sever any and all affiliation with them. Anyone who is more dedicated and loyal to a denomination than to Jesus should fear for their soul. The LDS and the Catholics among many others demand greater love and loyalty to them than to Jesus. this is nothing less than idolatry which is forbidden in the ten commandments.
    Truth is not subjective. Christianity is what it is and is not what it is not


  6. Mark, as I read this, light bulbs came on in my head one by one. This is so true, that so many people fill church pews and church activities for years but without ever acquiring the minimum information required to be saved. That Jesus Christ alone is the way the truth and the light. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH CHRIST John 14:6 (emphasis mine) we can simper and smirk and be as “loving” and “inclusive” as we like but the truth is absolute and will not be alloyed. We are rank sinners who are separated from God, but for the cross of Christ. It may offend many but if they read the bible that should come as no surprise either.


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