Polka Worship?

Polka WorshipSaw this sign on a Lutheran church building in Austin a while back. It could have been on the
building of most any denomination. The questions that popped into my head are:

a.) Is polka being worshipped?

b.) Is polka worshipping a god?

c.) Is polka the means of worship?

Answers to any of these questions fail to satisfy. I cannot help but think of the sons of Aaron and Eli, four of which were killed by YHWH for approaching Him in worship in ways He had not approved of.

Do these people think before they do foolish things? It appears not.


7 thoughts on “Polka Worship?

  1. I know it’s not polka, but you get the point. Whether it’s polka, or rock and roll…the motives are the same. Compromising to bring in money. How can a church bring glory to God and trust Him if they are full of false-converts? Impossible unless God in His mercy and grace saves them.

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  2. The simple answer brother is that for most of jesus Inc. franchises, the creature is worshipped, not the Creator. The lie in the Garden is in fact reality now. You shall be as gods.
    It is all about man and his desires. For most, satan rules for they chose.


  3. Bingo! You nailed it, my brother. Most current day churches have more in common with Aaron and the golden calve than with the God they claim to honor and love. May it never be so with us!


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