Fifty Years in the Chuch of Rome

Most magisterial reformers took only a half-step from Rome. Much of what protestant churches hold to was learnt from Rome. Certain doctrines and practices clung to men like the sin that so easily entangles us. The following is from Charles Chiniquy’s book, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, chapter 30; published in 1886.
Half-step from Rome
Later in the book, after describing the horrors women experienced in having their most secret sins pried from them by expertly crafted questions, the author reveals one of the vipers mentioned above.

10 thoughts on “Fifty Years in the Chuch of Rome

  1. My how I used to get chewed on here at Def. Con. for making such claims as this back several years ago! Flee Babylon too felt the wrath of the Tulip crowd back in the day. LOL

    Thanks Manfred for the confirmation from days gone by. That book I promised will arrive on the mountain once I pry it from my brides hands. You see, I read about 30 pages an hour, and she about 3 pages a day. (Bible reading not included).


  2. We each must humble ourselves and seek to walk as children of the light. Self-deception is the easiest to fall into and the most difficult to discern!


  3. Greetings, Manfred! Glad to read this snippet from an old book. I wonder if you, or any one else, have a lead to the Retractions of Augustine? Both the Roman Catholics and Protestants quote and claim him, and many are unaware of the retractions he made of his doctrines at the close of his life. An important reminder to us to study more than we speak, or we may be remembered and vilified for our errors than for our revisions. It would be helpful if a list of Augustine’s retractions is easily available, so we know where the man stood in the end. Thanks in advance.


  4. Jesus openly rebuked the Pharisees for placing greater emphasis on the traditions of men than upon the Law of Moses and the scriptures.
    This was the lament of the Reformers concerning Rome who habitually went beyond what was written and embraced the teachings of men above scripture.
    The time is long over due for protestants to cleanse our houses of worship of the unscriptural traditions of men.
    I look forward to reading about Augustine’s retractions, he said a lot of odd things as did a lot of the church Fathers.

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  5. I found this book in HTML format here: I have downloaded each chapter into a Word file, formatted hyperlinks for each chapter, and exported to a pdf file that is much easier to read than what I have been pulling from for this post. This and the author’s book exposing the horrors of the confessional practice are in the latest update to the digital library I manage and give away –


  6. I am also interested in Augustine’s ‘retractions’. Were they truly retractions or, as stated in an article I read, just ‘rewording’ of his positions/beliefs.


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