Dump Them Both

I have lived almost half a century. Being both a US citizen and a British subject, I can say that I have seen my share of politics. I have seen the games, heard the lies, and watched the vitriol fly. This current election in the USA must be the worse I have ever seen. We are a laughingstock among the nations of the world, many of whom have no fear of us as a nation. More importantly, they have no respect for us because our leaders (and potential wanna-be leaders) have no respect for the laws of this land.

America used to be a very great nation. We are the nation that was silent for the first 3 years of The Great War, also known as World War I. Finally joining in, the men of this nation answered the call to arms and routed the enemies of freedom. That was ALL that was fought for.

The same thing occurred in World War II when the greatest generation of Americans who have ever lived rose up and resoundingly thrashed the enemies of freedom on two fronts (Europe and Asia). We asked for nothing, but gave much. After all was said and done, we sent more of men and women to former war fronts and America rebuilt those nations one brick at a time. We even paid for it with grants, many of which have still not been repaid.

The men and women who gave their lives in the theaters of war followed their orders so that we might have the freedoms we enjoy today.

Sadly, I never thought, and I am sure our Founding Fathers, nor those veterans of war from World War II on, could have thought or imagined that our nation would be allowed to flounder like a fish out of water. To think that the choices for President and Commander-in-Chief is down to the vulgar, trash-talking, debauched candidate on one side and a feminist, God-hating, traitor on the other side is just enough to make anybody with half an ounce of common sense want to vomit – violently!

However, there is something even worse than what we are seeing today. Our nation has become a nation that panders to evil. It calls good to be evil, and evil to be good. Our nation has become a culture that thinks it is entitled. It thinks it is entitled to disrespect the American flag while being paid millions of dollars. Sadly, most of the people who complain about this are the same ones who will still pay hundreds of dollars at sporting events every single week and thus support and endorse what is taking place.

Our society believes that is must speak from the pocketbook because after all, “it’s about the economy, stupid!” When will we ever learn? Obviously, it is true that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This once great nation is repeating history. History shows that Rome was NOT destroyed by her enemies. She was destroyed from within. Rome thought she was entitled to what she had. Ultimately, she was destroyed because she forgot the reason she existed was because of God and God alone.

Not only is our society at large a problem, but even the evangelical church is a problem. We have people fighting back and forth across the aisles of Facebook, Twitter, and even church itself trying to decide why and which of the lesser of two great, monstrous evils to vote for!

Seriously?? Let’s put this into perspective.

Let’s assume in a few years that the choice is down to a president who promises that he or she will only kill 10 Christians per day versus a president who promises that he or she will only kill just one (1) Christian per day. Are our only choices really to vote for the lesser of these two evils? The cries are growing louder and I can hear some saying, “Oh, that would never happen!”

May I remind you that we can easily substitute the word “Christian” in the above sentence and replace it with “baby” or “infant.” We end up with the same solution. We soothe our conscience by declaring that we are only voting for the president who “promises to only kill just one (1) baby a day” on his watch instead of standing for what is right.

You can argue all you want while using the illustrations of Joseph being second in command in Egypt, and Daniel being third in command in all of Babylon. Those two men were NOT voted in to their office. They were placed strategically, specifically, and sovereignly in those places of power by none other than God for a specific purpose.

The Christians of Rome had no option to “vote” for the lesser of two evil Caesars. They would NEVER have been told by the apostles to “vote your conscience” or “vote for the lesser of two evils and hope for the best.” Utter ridiculousness! They were commanded to obey the laws of the land, to remember who was in control, to pray for the leaders of the land, to watch for the Lord’s return, and to pray without ceasing.

Today, we have many who are not only self-acclaimed evangelicals, but even claim that they believe in the sovereign hand of God. They then turn around and think that the entire picture puzzle rests upon their feeble shoulders of clay. They declare that God is in control, but refuse to believe Psalm 2 that reminds us that God sits in the heavens and LAUGHS at the wicked. The wicked say, “Let us break their bands asunder” but God holds them in derision.

Today, our churches rarely pray and are certainly not watching and hoping for the return of the Lord. Our churches are more concerned about keeping the peace between rival factions in the congregation instead of saying, “Thus says the Lord…the wicked shall not prosper!”

In the meantime, having cast aside the belief in the sovereignty of God, we have become more and more pragmatic in our belief system. We justify the killing of only one baby a day because “maybe God will take this candidate out of the picture after he becomes president so that we can be blessed with the second person in charge” and America will truly become a Christian nation again. Our pastors and churches have accepted the handouts of the government and thus have been lulled into silence for the sake of a few dollars saved on church supplies at the local office supply store.

I would be a fool to encourage our readers to follow their heart. Your heart and mine cannot be trusted. Jeremiah 17:9 makes this very clear, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?”

Both candidates are simply two sides of the same coin. They both endorse the murder of helpless babies and support the abomination of the homosexual movement. Evil is still evil and will always be evil. Please spare me the details of how “a vote thrown away is a vote for ______” or “if you don’t vote, you are not obeying your civic duty and thus in sin!”

No, no, no, and NO!!!!!!

I want to hear more pastors, Bible teachers, and evangelists crying out to God like Nehemiah to forgive their sins, the sins of their homes, and the sins of this nation. I want to hear more who will be willing, even as a top official, to pray for what is right and true, even if it means that you get thrown to the lions. I want to hear more cry for mercy for the tragedy that has befallen this nation, and plead to God asking, “How long, O Lord, will the wicked prosper?”

The truth is that if those who claimed the name of Christ were willing to cease being pragmatic in their approach to life and realize that the Scriptures are good for all that pertains to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3), then we would become a voice crying in the wilderness, “Make straight your paths for the King is coming.”

With all the arguments that have been bandied about as to who we should or should not vote for, I am truly appalled at the lack of integrity that is seen in every quarter. I am appalled at the emotions that are in play instead of the Scriptures. I am appalled at the reality that many who say they love the Lord and believe He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords live as though the rise and fall of America depends on them casting a vote for the lesser of two evils!

I have no right to tell you to vote for either candidate. Americans, by the law of the land, have been given the liberty and the choice to make as to what they will do in this election and every election after this.

Those who claim the name of Christ though have a much higher calling. We are not called to obey our emotions. We are not called to vote with our pocketbooks. We are called to be ambassadors of the King of Kings, and I have to wonder how many in the world look on us with disdain because we have fallen hard and fast away from the truths we claim to hold dear.

As a true believer in the sovereignty of God and the dictates of Scripture, I personally cannot and will not vote for either candidate. I will not violate my conscience in order to pacify my emotions. Finally, I choose not to vote ultimately because to do so means that I must practice situational ethics in order to justify either choice.

Like Joshua of old said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!” We will wake up on November 6th giving thanks that we are one day closer to the return of the Lord. We will be able to sleep well at night knowing that we did not approve of one single candidate who stands daily to mock the Most High God. We will wake up knowing that no matter who will be the next president that our God still reigns and He ALONE puts up one and puts down another.

He alone can make our next Nebuchadnezzar to eat grass like a cow until he lifts up his eyes and praises the Most High God, and He alone can choose to feed the next Herod literally to the worms!

In conclusion, our readers have choices to make as well. My prayer is that each of you will pray about how you can make the right decisions that are in line with the Word of God. There should be and can be no other rule by which you decide your paths. Ultimately, we will each give account before God for the decision we choose to make, but we will not have the liberty to say that we loved what God hates because it was the better of all the other options.

19 thoughts on “Dump Them Both

  1. Well said, Mark! I couldn’t agree more. Do ambassadors vote in the land they are visiting?
    Do pilgrims stop to set down roots, and get involved in politics?

    Who would Jesus vote for? Trump or Clinton? Somehow I think people down deep know the answer, but they refuse to submit to it.

    Thanks for your rant, Mark. Well worth the read and I hope you don’t mind me reblogging it?

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  2. When has it NOT been like this? Romney, Ford, Bush, McCain – all in favor some baby killing and all in favor of national control over more and more. To say this election is different is to ignore the past 35 to 150 years. Our political icons – Lincoln, TR, et al. – were no different.

    This world is not our home. This country is not the promised land.

    I look for a candidate who will hold to the Constitution and not pursue the same path as the other Republicans and Democrats. Same as I look for men of God who clung to the Bible and will not pursue the same path as the apostates.


  3. I agree with this post. I find it amazing that so many Christians insist I vote, for Trump of course. Then they proceed to tell me that if I don’t vote, that’s a vote for Hillary. I am not sure how they come to that conclusion.
    I don’t understand why Christians think politics and religion are interchangeable. Nor do I understand how they cling white-knuckled to this life. I am on a journey to a better country, and I am just passing through this one. I pray for America, that God would send a Jonah to preach repentance. That truly is the greatest need this country has.

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  4. Hmm – did my previous comment get deleted? We are not voting for a theologian in chief! A reprobate who will support and defend the constitution is better than a professing Christian who tramples it.

    Previously on this channel – the past has not been far different than this circus. Ford, Bush (both), Romney, McCain all were in favor of killing some babies and for consolidating power at the national level. This is the political road map.


  5. You had me till the “British subject” came to mind again. Now I must reconsider your post in light of our past, what with Cecil Rhodes and all…

    I’m writing in el ninio as I want 4 more years of this kind of weather!


    Seriously doesn’t anyone get tired of repenting for the choice of the lesser of 2 evils? America is where it is thanks to the pulpits and the pulpits are where they are thanks to the pew sitting chair is matics. The famine in the land is absolutely true. Bush one, Clinton, Bush two, the Bar-barry pirate and whatever gets the nod next could NEVER have been elected without the evil angel ical vote! Our leaders, religious and otherwise ARE the judgment on our land.


  6. I remember when Obama was running the first time and how many Christians were shouting for joy over this man. He’s different, they said. He’ll fix things…etc.

    Everyone turned a blind eye over his past, his beliefs and his supposed links to Islam. Now look at the nation. 8 years of him?!

    It’s a symptom of a dying society when you continue to fall into the same trap over and over and never learn your lesson. Now it’s these two (Trump or Clinton), and people are lapping up the sensationalism and loving it.

    I was told by a fellow Christian to b**t out and mind my own business because I was Canadian and I obviously didn’t understand. PLEASE…there’s nothing to understand. This isn’t my home, my home is in heaven and I am just passing through. How can a Christian actually think that his vote will make things better when who he is voting for is rotten?

    Doesn’t make an ounce of sense.

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  7. In America ” we the people are Caesar “. Israel was never a democracy it was a theocracy.
    There were no elections to choose between 2 sinners. Under Pax Romana non-Romans citizens had no say in anything.
    The choice is not between the lessor of two sinners. It is between one world government globalist and Constitutional patriots.
    If you want to see the honest self reliant middle class workers stomped into poverty.
    If you want to see Christianity criminalized
    If you want Islam to take over America and torture Christians
    Then by all means refuse to vote for a sinner.
    Let he who is without sin refuse to cast the first vote.
    Question, how many Christians are to busy evangelizing and building up the body of Christ to take time off to vote


  8. T.I., if you think that the vote between Hillary and Trump is between one world government globalist and a Constitutional patriot, you have been sadly duped. Both candidates support abortion, gay marriage, the spreading of the LGBT agenda, etc. One day, true Biblical Christianity may well be criminalized like it is in some countries around the world where our brothers and sisters in Christ faced massive persecution.

    The question should not be whether we are without sin, so will we cast a vote. The questions should be: Are we living in such a way and preparing our lives for the inevitable? Are we looking for the city whose builder and maker is God? Are we longing for the temporal things of this world or longing for that which is eternal?


  9. Lyn, fully agree with you. Part of the morass that America has become is that we have long ago failed to distinguish between politics and religion. Another site I was reading had a letter from a fundamental missionary who was speaking about persecution. He started the letter off by saying that there was a movement where Christians are choosing not to vote and therefore were giving an automatic win to Hillary.

    My reply: “I am sorry, but the letter presents a false dichotomy. This not about the choice of not voting AND allowing Hillary to win the election. It is like the old illustration in philosophy classes. 3 people in the boat and only enough food for 2. Which of the two people do you sacrifice? No, there are other options. I do not personally wish for persecution. I have seen the results having spent time overseas as a missionary in war-ravaged West Africa. My choosing to follow the principles I find in Scripture does not equate to an automatic win for Hillary. No matter who wins, the heart of the president is still in the hands of the sovereign God of all creation. Maybe we should remember the words of the apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3:12, ‘Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.'”


  10. Mark,
    You said, “The questions should be: Are we living in such a way and preparing our lives for the inevitable? Are we looking for the city whose builder and maker is God? Are we longing for the temporal things of this world or longing for that which is eternal?”

    This is THE essential key is it not? While SO many are caught up in this election, as though our future hinged on it, we seem to have lost our focus. We have forgotten this –  ” If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.   Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”

    The heathen will elect a leader that reflects the culture, one that condones everything God hates.
    We aren’t electing a pastor, this is true. However, Satan has been subtle in using the Gov. to push his agenda, which includes issues that go against God’s truth. Abortion and same sex marriage have been made the law of the land.

    Let the heathen have their leader, and let us keep focused on things above.

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  11. Well that is just common sense, isn’t, Mark? People will justify their decisions in a multitude of ways and think they are right in their own minds (sounds familiar?).

    The fact is we ARE responsible for our decisions, the Bible is quite clear on this. And those decisions do not somehow stop when it comes to voting, does it? People have no problem in saying going to a bar, strip club or watching the latest Halloween movie is wrong, but somehow when it comes to politics, the rules change. As I said on a post, change the players from Trump and Clinton to Stalin and Hitler. According the the facts, Hitler was actually the lesser of the two evils. Does that means we are allowed to vote for someone like him?

    Given time, Trump and Clinton (whoever gets elected), will show their true colors. Trump is faking it and winning votes while Clinton is laying it all out for the public to see. One’s a con-artist the other is just plain evil. But they are both evil, proud and will destroy the country if allowed.


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