Two Kingdoms

It saddens me to see so many Christians get wrapped up in politics. We have virtually no sense of history (the early days of what used to 26822be a representative republic were far wilder than the current election cycle) and seem to have lost sight of the two kingdoms in play. Augustine likened them to Two Cities.

The Bible is clear – God created three units of government for this age: the family, the state, and the church. We do not read of any of the apostles nor the Lord trying to overthrow the Roman government, although that is the charge brought against Jesus by the Jewish leaders.

We are not selecting a theologian-in-chief this year. We have not had a solid Christian man in the White House in the past 100 years; all of them have put politics above Truth for the most part. We play into the hands of the world when we try make this country into the mold we imagine for it. But no matter how much we desire a secure temporal future under a God-fearing government, that is not where our security lies.

The best thing for this country would be political leaders who cling to the Constitution, just as the best thing for our local churches are men who cling to the Scripture.

The political machinery in D.C. all works together to consolidate power at the national level (the Whig Party lives in the policies of both current parties). No matter if your favorite President was Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, GW Bush, or Bill Clinton (all professing Christians) – none of those men were able to put this country on the foundation of Scripture. That is not the job of the President.

If your view is that you must vote for a truly godly person as President, how is your position different from the Jews who clamored for a king like the pagan nations had, discontent with having YHWH as their King?

A President who will work against the status-quo and try to push the national government back to it charter document will do this country good, no matter what you or I think of his theology.

21 thoughts on “Two Kingdoms

  1. So you are voting for Trump then?

    In my opinion, when he says “law and order” he means peace and security. The bill of rights will be a thorn in his paw too Manfred. Compared to Hillary his words are more American sounding, yet he is of his father. The Jews got their wish in Saul and the evil angel icals have gotten their wish in Red Ron,Bush one and two, Clinton one the Bar berry pirate and then they are split by these two. Again they ARE the judgment on this land just as the cele-bratty pestors are as well.

    And yet somehow I understand your position and don’t disagree. But I can no longer leave the polls repenting for choosing the lesser of the two evils. Even so, I am not discouraged, but encouraged even as I see His Word is absolutely perfect and accurate, literally!

    Now as for those who are depending upon being whisked away before the tribulation? I hear a watchman and he ain’t saying, “All aboard the hallajullah train!”


  2. Mickie – Oklahoma does not have the Constitution Party on the ballot and we cannot write-in a candidate.

    Those who are depending on the pre-trib rapture will be SURPRISED when He returns with the SHOUT of the arch-angel and BLAST of the trumpet and ALL will rise up to MEET Him and join in with Him as He comes to the NEW EARTH He has just made. And we will be with Him forever.


  3. Form memory I think that Calvin Coolage was a devout Quaker and genuine follower of Christ..
    We are in the world but not of the world.
    the world hates Jesus and it hates us.
    The world loves Hillary and hates Trump.
    Neither candidates fruit indicates being born again.
    One is openly more hostile to even the outward appearance of loving either God or country.
    Paul said that it is impossible to not associate with sinners that are not in the body of Christ.
    Is the choice between the lessor of 2 evils or the lessor of 2 sinners?
    Paul talked about the law of liberty in Romans 14. Those in Christ can hold opposing views, on non-essentials, yet both can do so unto the Lord.
    Is it really a matter of choosing piety over patriotism?
    Is voting not included in rendering unto Caesar or Rom. 13: 1-7 and ONE Peter 2: 13-17?


  4. T.I., I think you have made some good points. There is liberty in Romans 14, but I believe those who claim the name of Christ are wrong to try and use everything but Scripture to justify why they are selecting the evil of one candidate over the evil of another. Yes, it is true that the vote is for a Commander-in-Chief and not a theologian-in-chief, but that does not give Christians the Scriptural foundation to use pragmatism to place their vote.

    I have heard and read so many arguments over this and previous elections. However, they are almost 100% based on pragmatic approaches to one’s decision. I do not find that voting is rendering unto Caesar because it is not something we are required to do. If a person chooses to vote, they can do so with their liberty, just as much as a person who chooses not to vote.

    In the end, the decision that our family has made is not about choosing piety over patriotism. It is because we cannot in good conscience place a vote for a person who so firmly opposes the law of God. Both are two sides of the same coin.

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  5. If Hillary wins I’m moving to Benghazi. I know she will leave me alone there…

    Sorry, but I just had to share that one!


  6. If I were to vote Manfred, and I’m not there yet, though I am closer than before, then here is why I would vote and it wouldn’t be Hillary!

    Hillary is an admitted witch, and takes Soros’ money and direction. He admits in his biography that the most exciting times of his life were when he traveled with his Nazi benefactor as they confiscated assets from Jews…He was born a Jew!


  7. There was a saying many years ago. Some democrats were so loyal to their party is was said they would vote for a yellow dog before voting for the GOP. They were called yellow-dog-Democrats. I have a red dog and would rather vote for him than for Hillary. And I’m fed up with GOP folks such a McCain, Bush, Ford, Romney, Rubio, Cruz, Perry, et al.

    And Soros being a child of Abraham according to the flesh means less now than it did when Christ walked the earth during His incarnation.


  8. Here is a quote from another of her and the Bar-barry pirate’s handlers and Hillary wrote her senior thesis on this wicked man. Google Weather Underground and the planks of the Communist Party’s platform for more understanding folks!

    Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.


  9. Even with the best of candidates, isn’t every election a choice between the lesser of two evils? There is truth in the saying that a country deserves the leader it gets. Does that come about from voting or not voting? Discuss.


  10. To a large degree, you are right, Jeremy – no man is without sin, so every man will do some evil. I think that as the church at large has shrunk back from being salt and light, the culture has decayed and we have political leaders who are the product of that. They are of the world and the world listens to them. We must not fall prey to notion that we can and should do nothing just as we should not fall prey to the notion that we must take this country for Christ. His kingdom is not of this world. If He wanted to take this country, it would have already happened.


  11. Questions?!?!

    What were the 2 (actually 3) main schools of thought among the religious leaders at the end of Apostate Judiasm/Jesus’ earthly ministry/birth of Christianity. And how do they compare to the 3 main schools of thought in Apostate Churchianity today?

    What was the Truth back then and the Truth today?

    Are there parallels that we can draw conclusions from regarding deception of men, God’s Truth and the end of this age?

    Can we see the lie of the Garden being fully manifest in man today as they reject Biblical Truth for the lie, “You shall be as God.”

    Would man, rejecting God’s authority and deciding as god to be the highest moral authority not be the most wicked fulfillment and personification of the evil one?

    And would he not have done so via his corrupt “free will?”

    Thus would he not make a decision for a jesus who would attempt to put an end to an Intolerant Standard and those who hold to that standard that he, by his very nature, hates?

    Now, which candidate is the very personification of that wickedness, and which is merely reprobate?


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