Real Christian Love for Homosexuals

This is a gracious message from John MacArthur on the matter of homosexuality. There is forgiveness that is found in Jesus Christ.

6 thoughts on “Real Christian Love for Homosexuals

  1. Exactly. We, as Christians don’t hate homosexuals, far from it! We love them with a passion and want them saved and forgiven and released from their prison.

    Unfortunately, homosexuals have been deceived into thinking that if we don’t embrace and encourage them, then we must hate them. Sad… 😦

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  2. Exactly, Paul. We do not hate adulterers, or liars, or cheats, or whoever. Our own sin is enough to keep reminding us of the love and grace of a holy God and the need for forgiveness. But the Word of God says that when we are forgiven, we do not continue to abide in the sin for which Christ has set us free.

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  3. Yeah, tell me about it! Our sin and their sin is the same. We are all in the same boat, except God, in His mercy, chose to forgive us!

    As Romans 1 says, none of us are without excuse. None of us can plead ignorance on Judgement Day.

    Sinners like homosexuals are deceived, lied to and abused on every front. They are being used to push an agenda and when their purpose is used up, the powers at be, will drop them.

    This is the way it is and always has been.

    We must continue to reach out as God leads, and be a light of love and forgiveness.

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  4. Reblogged this on lookingupliving and commented:
    This is a very sad video! Christianity has lost it’s edge because we lie and tell people their going to Heaven when they’re headed for Hell. Hell is a place I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, yet many of my friends are in immortal danger! LORD forgive your church for neglecting Your great commission! Forgive me for standing idly by as souls made in Your image are lost.


  5. Homosexuality is a sin. So is telling sinners that God hates them. (Not referring to the blogger/preacher/commenters when I say this.) We Believers have a narrow path to tread.


  6. It seems to me that something needs to remembered by us who are biblically saved.

    I hear it all the time where people get on blogs, videos Facebook or wherever and state, ‘the church is deceived, watered down, lost its edge, etc.”

    The fact is, we must always remember that there is a HUGE difference between the church and what we see on every street corner with their quaint signs and fancy buildings.

    The ‘church’ we see on TV, preaching a watered down gospel, focusing on self, is NOT the church. The ‘church’ we see that has embraced Islam, homosexuality, transgenderism, is NOT the church.

    The ‘church’ that embraces and celebrates abortion as God’s work in women’s lives is NOT the church.

    This group of people who call themselves the ‘church’ is nothing more than a collection of pretenders and false-converts. They are playing church, a masquerade of sorts where sinners who once said some sort of prayer act like they love God and yet, live a life as if they have had absolutely no change in their hearts. They watch all the same movies, go to the same beaches (to sun-tan, etc.), go to the bars, clubs, etc., as they did before they ‘made a decision to make Jesus Lord’.

    No wonder they are powerless and are easily deceived. They have no power to change, resist or overcome because they are still unregenerate sinners. That is why we see these “Christian” leaders ‘falling’ away into temptation and burn-out.

    The true church of Jesus Christ is powerful yet humble. Effective yet small. There is no burn-out in the bride. There will be no falling away either.

    This is the difference between the two.

    BTW…many places in Scripture we are told that God hates the sinner just as much as He hates the sin. To say that God hates the sin and not the sinner is a lie.

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