Is Same Sex Attraction Sinful?

In light of the current events taking place in Houston, Texas, we will be addressing the issue of homosexuality. One of the overarching issues is that Houston is under the leadership of a woman, who is openly living in sin as a lesbian. Regardless of what laws are passed, the laws of man will NEVER supersede the laws of God.

ALL forms of sexual practices outside the bounds of one man and one woman united in matrimony are a perversion and go against the standards that God ordained back in the Garden of Eden. This standard was then reiterated by the words of the Lord Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry.

Fellow believers, remember that regardless of what happens here on this earth that truth and right will ultimately prevail. Our God reigns victorious and evil will be totally defeated. It also does not matter what the Catholic church or any other denomination says in support of homosexuality and lesbianism, it is still and will always remain wrong.


For those who are not believers, there is still time to confess and repent of your sin and fall upon the tender mercies and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Despite what you may have done or what sin you are involved with, you can plead for mercy that is given ONLY because of the shed blood of the Lord Jesus on the cross of Calvary.

For the record, we do not hate homosexuals, lesbians, etc. but we do stand on the Word of God as our guide. We desire those living, practicing, and/or desiring such a life-style to come to a place in their lives where they know the peace that passes all understanding. This goes not just for those who are violating the Scriptures in the sin of sexual perversion, but is for any and all who think they can violate the commands of God and still have a right standing before God.

The link below is a great place to start if you have questions about this issue. It addresses part of the heart issues at stake and that is the question – “Is Same Sex Attraction Sinful?”

5 Part Sermon Series by Pastor Geoffrey Kirkland


Vaughan Roberts Fighting His Battle without Compromise

The web lit up this evening on Facebook and Gospel Coalition due to this important interview with Vaughan Roberts posted by blogger David Ould. I believe it is an important contribution to the current discussion of the Christian faith and homosexuality. As you’ll see when you read this article, Vaughan Roberts has enter the discussion of same-sex attraction from the INSIDE rather than commenting from the usual faith-based outside position. I was very uneasy in just reading the headline because I have great respect for Roberts as a pastor and theologian. But I must say, I was encouraged by Roberts uncompromising Biblical stance on his own very real battle of which he goes into very personal detail. Be sure to read the full interview by Julian Hardyman at the link below.


“In a tremendously brave move Vaughan Roberts, rector of St Ebbe’s, Oxford, and a prominent leader amongst English evangelicals has announced that he experiences same-sex attraction and yet he remains celibate since this is the clear teaching of Scripture.

It’s helpful for background to understand that in the Church of England, in which Vaughan is an ordained minister, we have had increasing interventions by theological liberals over this issue, advocating for the acceptance of homosexuality in general and the blessing of same-sex relationships. Vaughan’s statement and interview ought to be read not least as a contribution to that debate.

Vaughan has issued the following press release,

In the preface to a new edition of my book “Battles Christians Face”, which features eights areas of struggle, including homosexuality, I write that, to a greater or lesser degree, I face them all myself. Close family and friends have known for a considerable time that I experience same sex attraction. None of the issues in the book define me. As a single man I am celibate, because I believe the Bible teaches that the right context for sex is only in marriage between a man and a woman.

My motivation for writing the preface and answering the questions in the interview in “Evangelicals Now” is pastoral. I believe there is value in a greater openness to talk about these issues in evangelical churches. I hope to encourage those who experience same sex attraction and yet believe that fulness of life is to be found in Christ and holding to his teaching. Singleness can be challenging at times, but I have many good friends, and a loving family, and I thank God for the blessings and opportunities it offers.”

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Full interview by Julian Hardyman here with more questions and answers