99 Balloons.

There’s absolutely nothing I can add to this video; you simply need to watch it.

10 thoughts on “99 Balloons.

  1. Haven’t watched the video because I have seen it before, and then I found it hard to take.

    But, as you said, you can’t add to it.

    So, I won’t try.

    God bless.


  2. Pilgrim,

    Thanks for posting this video. Very touching. The hope the parents had in Christ was a genuine expression of their faith. I liked his comment that they were “only separated by the time they had left on this earth!” What a joyful reunion is coming!

    The Desert Pastor


  3. I cried the entire time that I watched this! My friend’s baby was born with trisomy and only lived 18 days. I would rather have only a few days with my baby then never meet them at all. This video should be required viewing for those who want to abort their baby due to chromosome abnormalities.


  4. The Lord gives and He takes away. His name is truly blessed beyond all comprehension. What a beautiful story and the couple that shared their story have truly learned a lot indeed! My thanks to them for sharing!


  5. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate this video. It truly moved our hearts.

    The message of God’s comfort it will bring to ALL parents who have lost little children will bring glory to Jesus Christ who loves them.

    Whether a child lives to be 99 days or 22 minutes, as our granddaughter did, or 22 years as our son did! – “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints” (Psalm 116:15).


  6. Saw this on WotMR site. Couldn’t bear to watch it again.

    Eliot may not have spoken a word, but oh what a message he brought. God lives – God loves.

    God be with Eliot’s family.


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