How can you tell when professing “Christians” are following the Gospel according to Todd Bentley instead of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

By observing their reaction to someone preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this actions-speak-louder-than-words and the-proof-is-in-the-pudding post from Tony Miano, you can check out for yourself the way Bentley-ites react to the preaching of the Gospel.

It’s very revealing; the Gospel is an obvious stumbling block to them. Read all about what happened when Tony Miano tried sharing the Gospel to Bentley-ites (including pictures and audio) in his post here.

Here’s an excerpt:

So, people go to Lakeland and the Galen Center, and other places around the world to “get some” of what Bentley and others are offering. They “repent and believe,” so to speak, and then Jesus is quickly brushed aside for what they really came to receive–manifestations, spirits, angels, healing, predictions about a better life, and a spiritual shot in the arm.

Thanks to Loretta Heiden for making me aware of this (and by the way, I love the new header on your blog).

3 thoughts on “How can you tell when professing “Christians” are following the Gospel according to Todd Bentley instead of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

  1. Hey Pilgrim. I was stunned when I read Tony’s report. And sad. There really are “Two Christianities” separating out.

    Glad you like my new pics. Those were taken at the outreach in SF/Berkeley. I was inspired by the zealous and biblical witness of the young people.


  2. I thought there would be some issue when he went. One or two wackos giving him flack. But that… that… I mean, the very concept of using worship music to try and shout down the preaching of the gospel makes me sick to my stomach (and I’ve had enough of that lately!) Yes, Lord… Let it rain. Let it rain as it did in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Yes, Lord… open there eyes, but let not the shame of what they have done consume them the way it did Judah. I’m reminded so strongly of Matthew 7:21-23.


  3. This is shocking, and very telling. I’ve always thought that an over-emphasis on ‘signs and wonders’ can lead people away from the fundamentals of gospel truth, but this just takes the biscuit!


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