Happy 100,000th.

Today DefCon received its 100,000th hit since its inception on April 15th, (three and a half months ago). I want to thank all the faithful readers who have helped us reach this milestone, and I want to thank the contributors that have been faithful to the cause of defending truth and contending for the faith.

To mark this celebration I’ve changed the appearance of DefCon. I think the new look is clearer and a little crisper to the eyes. I trust that if you don’t immediately fall in love with it, it will eventually grow on you.

Thanks to all of you for all of your support.

– The Pilgrim

P.S. As you can see, I’m still working on the perfect header. So the header you see now may not be the header you see tomorrow . . . or even ten minutes from now.

9 thoughts on “Happy 100,000th.

  1. Congratulations! Yours is one of my favorites and I visit it daily. You’re right; the new look is crisper and certainly more attractive. But I really liked the picture of the wolf among the sheep; that was an awesome image.

    Thanks for the good work.



  2. Congrats! I liked the wolf in sheep’s clothing too! I guess we all need change though from time to time.


  3. Yay!!!

    To all who have wished us well, and have found this site to be a blessing, let me just say that it has been a joy most of the time, a labor many times, but I would never trade anything for the experience! I think I speak for the other admin’s when I say we would never think of ourselves as anything more than humble servants of Almighty YHVH, and His Christ. It truly is an honor to be defending His word from the many who would tear it to shreds and build a God of their own making. To quote the Newsboys:

    How ya gonna work this out?
    To fabricate a God like this no doubt
    We’d end up worshipping a Christ of our own design
    But Jesus doesn’t fit that profile
    His ways are mine

    I’m not following a God that’s imagined
    Can’t invent this Deity
    And that’s why Jesus is my final answer
    To who I want my God to be


  4. Thank you for this blog! I, too, love that header with the wolf in among the sheep. Like this new crisp look-easy on the eyes! Thanks for all you do in contending for the faith!


  5. Congratulations

    Thanks for all the Encouragement and the good example,

    This site are a blessing for all the Christianity

    Greetings from Colombia


  6. congratulations! ^_^
    thanks for sharing all of these things.
    the truths that you share in here deserve this, many people need to know about the real gospel of Jesus Christ. your site has been a blessing to me, been reading this and helped me discern the teachers and pastors who really teach the truth from the false ones. I am formerly one of those “charismania”, but now the Lord is leading me to the truth of His word.
    once again, congratulations. continue to defend the truth and contending the faith.


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