The new evangelicals.

Is it me, or is something missing from the message of these new evangelicals?

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2 thoughts on “The new evangelicals.

  1. The focal point of the problem with those “believers” is centered squarely on the pulpits of America. Doctrine and scripture is no longer taught. We are no longer instructed that man is depraved, in danger of eternal hell and needs redemption. Now we have “Seven Secrets of Successful Singlehood” types of messages. If the church is not focused on what it means to be lost and redeemed then we have abandoned our ONLY mandate from the Lord.

    Yes, we have been commanded to be good stewards OF the planet (the girl said TO the planet which is a big difference), yet I think that believers have “drank the Kool-aid on this global warming thing. We better start talking about the global warming that is promised in Revelation. The bible says that there would be seed time and harvest until God said otherwise. The global warming agenda will push the third world even further back.

    But I digress – – – those people need to get off Solomon’s Porch and into God’s word. And by the way, while I am pontificating – how does it to bring glory to the transcendent and Holy God of the universe to show up for “worship” looking like you just crawled from under a rock – couches and coffee tables and bare feet – – – my soul. They have lost their croutons.



  2. Habakkuk very well stated, I was thinking on the same lines as you. Amen

    They need to get out of the Shack and into the WORD.


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