Charismania unrestrained: Africa’s witch children.

This is one of the most disturbing and heart-wrenching documentaries I’ve ever seen. This shocking six-part video depicts what I view as simply the Word of Faith heresy taken to its logical conclusion (and perpetuated in the fertile soil of pagan superstition) in a land where no laws exist to protect children. You can’t help but be moved to tears by the human wreckage left in the wake of Pentecostalism’s sweep across Nigeria as children are starved, tortured, beaten, and killed because some “prophet” or “prophetess” labels them a witch. Stepping Stones (the only known organization helping these children) said the following on their website:

“Stepping Stones Nigeria does not wish to denounce any faith organisation. However the role of the church, especially some of the new Pentecostals, in spreading the belief in child witches cannot be underestimated. There are numerous so-called pastors in the region who are wrongly branding children as ‘witches’ mainly for economic self gain and personal recognition.”

This is a documentary that you must see, but be warned, it contains some graphic and disturbing images and material.

I’ve posted my own title/description preceding each video.


The false prophet’s gold wrist watch (seen at 4:44 in the video) reveals his true intentions


Inside the churches of the ravenous wolves


Meeting Mary; the five-year old rejected by a whole village


Helen Ukpabio identified as the lead false prophetess


Helen Ukpabio’s true self comes out


A child’s heart-wrenching anguish of abandonment

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17 thoughts on “Charismania unrestrained: Africa’s witch children.

  1. This is the most disturbing video that I see in my whole life.

    This is not the Gospel, this is so satanic that I don’t have words to express all my rage, I’m so devastated.

    Years ago I was a victim of a “Word of Faith” Ministry, but nothing that I lived is comparable whit this.

    the Devil in person is speaking through this false prophets. If only the people know the Sound Doctrine, they will know that such “prophets” are servants of Satan.

    How this little children will see Jesus?

    How teach one of this children that God love them and God is they Father?


  2. Thank you for this touching video series.
    I am totally appalled. But yet, I understand how this form of Pentecostalism can and does get out of hand.
    I also realize that these people and the entire nation are extremely poor. Example…the Nigerian 419 scams are rampant and they often target Christians and use the name of Jesus to make a dime and or control other people.
    My hat goes out to those who made each of these videos. Well done.
    The truly blessed ones are the ones that were portrayed.
    Many others these videos point out never made it to safety and were literally slaughtered in the streets in the name of Chistianity and Jesus.
    However, we must remember that the book of Ecclesiastes says…”there is nothing new under the sun.” This child sacrifice seems to speak to the spirit of Molech as well, and that of putting their children “through the fire.”
    Again, job well done. Thank you in the Holy and Prescious
    Name of JESUS CHRIST.


  3. @The Pilgrim: This is truly heart-breaking, and I can’t help but grieve over the devastation that is being done in the name of ‘Christianity’ and ‘Jesus’. Hopefully these videos will convince some of the ‘critics’ out there why it is so important to defend the truth and contend for the faith.


  4. This is so horrible. I only made it through the first video, when it got to the nail I had to stop. I just couldn’t bear anymore.

    Thank you for encouraging us in the US to take a stand for the truth.

    Berean Wife


  5. Yes, this was a truly shocking and horrifying documentary on what happens when false teachers are permitted to run rampant in the church; without restraint and without resistance.

    When you compare this stuff with what you see on TBN, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference, at least in its foundation. Certainly the Hinns, Copelands, etc. don’t push it as far as the folks in Nigeria, but they are still using the same manipulation tactics to keep the money rolling in and to keep their followers in bondage (all the while claiming to be able to free them from some other perceived bondage).

    This is a great example of why it is important to defend truth and contend for the faith.

    On a side note, I wonder if all the folks who love Matthew 7:1 would “pass judgment” on this obvious heresy plaguing Nigeria or if they remain consistent in their misquoting of Jesus in this case too. Hmmm.

    And finally, does anyone know of any (reputable and sound) Christian missionary organizations working in this area of Nigeria?

    – The Pilgrim


  6. This is disgusting, evil, horrible. These poor innocent children. Oh Lord, have mercy on them The church leaders are demon possessed. this is more fruits of charismania. We must have sound Bible teaching. With the false, Satan is god and this is the outcome. I am so angry that they pick on the little children. I am wondering what will happen to the children, can they stay with Stepping Stones. The funny thing is if a charismania magazine is read, they talk about the revival going on in NigeriaThis is so devasting!!!!


  7. This is beyond understanding! I know they pick on the children because the children cannot defend themselves! I’m so upset about this whole thing and as jude newman said, “This is disgusting, evil, horrible.” It is so sickening and heart-breaking!


  8. i only watched the first one, sorry…

    but if there’s any witchcraft going on here at all, it is that the “bishop” is attempting to demonize the children. (while trampling the name of our Lord.)



  9. Horrible practises. The fruits of the leadership cultus within the pentecostals. In the western culture it is used for keeping the people obedent and paying their tithes. This is what the results are in the African cultural background.

    And is there none of the pentecostals there to point out that Simon Magus was not ordered killed by the Apostels?

    Simon Magus was a magician.



  10. This is protestantism. This is what would happen any place where protestantism is not restrained by the rule of law. I know because I grew up in a protestant family and protestant world. If not for the police, they would burn down the Catholic churches and shoot them (Catholics) in the streets. Didn’t that happen in KY once?


  11. This is protestantism. This is what would happen any place where protestantism is not restrained by the rule of law.

    As opposed to the Catholic Church being the rule of law while all those wonderful Popes had people imprisoned, beaten, tortured and burned during the Inquisition, eh?

    Didn’t that happen in KY once?

    I don’t know. You are the one that brought it up without any reference whatsoever.


  12. “This is protestantism. This is what would happen any place where protestantism is not restrained by the rule of law.”

    No it is Satan doing what he does best. Trying to give the body of Christ a black eye.

    I admit I havn’t watched the videos. I don’t think I could handle it. The description alone and other posts are enough for me to know what is going on in them.

    Just think, this modern Pentecostal movement that has brought so many of these heretical beliefs (prosperity gospel, oneness bunch, dominionism, manifest sons) basically sprang from one man in Kansas (Parham).

    I wonder what the modern church would be like if he
    never came onto the scene???

    I think Satan may have been the first recycler. All of the modern heresies have always been around, just called something else.


  13. Nikoloas said: This is protestantism. This is what would happen any place where protestantism is not restrained by the rule of law. That may be a good hit and run post but it is far from the truth as in actuality the exact opposite is true. That is, those in the world of Charismania/Word Faith, etc. are much, much closer to Rome than the Reformation. How so?

    a. Belief that man is basically good and only partially wounded from the Adamic fall. And that man is seeking God due to the light in his heart ==> Core RC doctrine;
    b. That man can regenerate himself via a decision; i.e. decisional regeneration ==> Core Roman doctrine.
    c. That men today have the power to impart the Spirit by laying on of hands ==> Confirmation.
    d. The Catholic church also thrives on paganism, superstition and mysticism and are adepts at blending it with Christianity (i.e syncretism) to create a blasphemous amalgam. Just look at all the magic trinkets they have sold throughout history and even still do today.
    e. Finally you will often find those in this camp praising the Pope and never ever speaking a bad word against papa pope. Rather they praise him and speak well of him. Watching TBN will most assuredly confirm this.


  14. I haven’t yet watched these videos, but am watching the channel 4 programme dispatches (UK)…………….its shocking to say the least. I saw the part where a child under the age of 2 can be identified as a witch, by havind fevers, crying etc, is htis not normal behaviour, of a young child, who may be sick. A child who may have the devil in them is child a child, we have all fell by the fall of Adam, “for ALL have sinned and come short of the gory of God” so it is indeed true, that the childrendon’t need to be taught to sin, they do that naturally, we are all born childrenof the devil, it is when we put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and repent of our sins, that we are then adopted into His family. The powers of darkness will never prevail against the powers of God. Those children, are children, and all have souls that need to be saved, not killed by pastors.

    If the same was to happen here, I would indeed have to find myself a new job, as the children i work with have many problems, they have problems with their behaviour etc, many of which stems from how they are treated etc or by their parents not actually knowing how to care for them.

    “But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”


  15. Since so many episodes are now mussing from this post, here’s what I believe is the whole ting in one place, although it looks to have been posted by someone defending African folk religions…


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