Movie Review: Expelled.

I finally got around to watching the documentary Expelled. What a great film it turned out to be. Ben Stein does a fantastic job at exposing the draconian, socialist tactics used to suppress the very idea of Intelligent Design by those in charge of academia. He also follows the Darwinian mindset to its logical conclusion: Eugenics, euthanasia, abortion, and the Nazi holocaust.

One of the best parts of this documentary is when Ben Stein gets Atheist poster boy Richard Dawkins to concede the possibility that Intelligent Design can be a viable explanation for the origin of life (albeit his hatred for God prevents him from attributing it to Deity but suggests alien beings were the source).

Although not produced by a Christian, this is an intriguing documentary exposing the hypocrisy and lack of tolerance of the ultra-tolerant crowd as they do anything and everything to hang onto their evolutionary fairytale to avoid having to acknowledge that God exists.

4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Expelled.

  1. Stein did a great job on that film. It stimulated so much thought in me. Buy the DVD (Answers in Genesis has it), make a big glass of iced tea, get a tablet and pen and take notes.

    The evolutionary crowd is NOT interested in tolerance or dialog. If you are a scientist and do not tow the “party line” then “off with your head”.

    Interesting that just one atheist in half a country away ended up scuttling the “two for” deal for tickets over the holidays with the Cincinnatti Zoo and the Creation Museum. Somehow offering a bundle deal on tickets violated “science”.


  2. It’s very interesting, well worth a view or two.

    Highlight and lowlight for me–

    lowlight: The guy who wanted to make religion a hobby, like knitting.

    highlight: The excerpts of the animation of the complexity of the cell. I remember seeing pictures of such things in science textbooks, but to see it like that was enlightening.

    lowlight: Even Dawkins voicing the “we came from aliens” theory.

    highlight: Stein noting that the people who support ID aren’t idiots like the evolutionists say they are.

    And there’s so much more.


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