Where does Rick Warren go from here?

rick-warren Now that Rick Warren’s inauguration prayer has been examined and exposed by discerning Christians as nothing more than honoring God with his lips, and that same prayer has also angered the unbelieving left, where does he go from here? His prayer was a watershed event that has brought him to a fork in his broad road.

The man who has contributed more to the mile-wide, inch-deep church than anyone else alive today by compromising Biblical truths and blurring the lines between things of God and things of this world has a big decision ahead of him. If human nature and history are any barometer of what’s to come, then we should expect to see Mr. Warren continue to drift leftward ever so swiftly.

As Ingrid Sclueter so aptly observes:

“Rick Warren is faced with the fact that he is either going to have to state that all paths lead to God or confirm, unequivocally, that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father. If he explicitly states that Christ is the only way, he will no longer be welcomed in the halls of political power, and he can forget any further snugglefests at the White House, the Council on Foreign Relations, the UN, and Davos.

As it stands now, he really pleases nobody. Straddling a fence gets really uncomfortable after a time. I predict that Warren is going to make a sharp move left theologically very shortly for this very reason. The Purpose-Driven machine has gone about as far as it’s going to go with his present approach. Just as Warren was willing to remove negative statements about homosexuality and church membership at the Saddleback site, he is, without doubt, going to have to delete even more material to move ahead to the rest of his spiritual program for the world.”

7 thoughts on “Where does Rick Warren go from here?

  1. Obama has set new records for what a President Elect can accomplish between getting elected and his first week in office.

    But it is not what the Main Stream Media wants you to think.


    PS I like your blog. Care to exchange blogroll links? If yes put a comment on my blog including the link to you.

    Love ya! Nancy


  2. Rick Warren’s prayer was nothing more than an ecumenical generic prayer typical of his ilk. He used the name “Isa” for example which is applied to Jesus in the Koran. The islamic jesus and the Biblical Jesus are NOT the same. Also Ricky used the term,”the compassionate and merciful one” which is a direct quote from the Koran. Just to see how chummy Ricky is with the Islamist.

    Click link below.


    Also, don’t think for one minute that the libs should have been upset regarding Ricky’s stance on homosexuality. We all heard that Obama’s “constituents” were angry over his pick of Warren due to his “apparent” anti-gay bias. Well lets se what Rick really thinks of the issue.

    Click link below.




  3. If ever there was an example of Matt. 7:13-23 right before our eyes, Rick Warren must be it. His broadway gospel will lead him to the Great White Throne judgement. I have no doubt that as he stands there awaiting the opportunity to present his case for self-righteous entry into the glories of Jesus Christ that he will rehearse his speech over and over and look at his basket full of all the wonderful things he has done for mankind (read: Rick Warren).

    Then, without warning, it’s his turn. Suddenly, Rick finds himself alone before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And not just alone, but naked, and not just naked, but all of his sins are revealed and the stinch ozzing from him is unbearable. He trys to remember his well rehearsed speech, but all that comes out of his mouth is : “Lord, Lord, have I not prophesied in Your Name, cast out demons in Your Name, and done many wonders in Your Name?” As he fumbles through his basket of good works he is horrified to find that they have all turned into filthy, bloody rags.

    Then the ominous words of the Lord Jesus pounds through his ears and into his head: “I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness”. As his knees buckle and his lips tremble, he finally confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. He finds himself falling, falling, falling ever faster into the abyss, where the worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.

    What a horrible scene! What a horrible fate! I am 61 and up until four years ago, this would have been my fate, BUT GOD had mercy on me and saved me. Oh, the riches of His grace!

    Can you pray with me that our Lord would have mercy on this man, Rick Warren, and save him, too?


  4. What’s sad is that so many who claim Christ defend Warren as a good and godly man. sigh. He is a disciple of Robert Schuller, no matter how much he protests it.


  5. “If human nature and history are any barometer of what’s to come, then we should expect to see Mr. Warren continue to drift leftward ever so swiftly.’

    I think you are right. To wit: Rick Warren coming out strongly (for him, at least ) against homosexuality, then when his stance was condemned by the left, having his picture taken with a a gay man with his arm around him to placate his critics.


  6. Rick Warren will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived (2 Timothy 3:13). He will continue to spread the lie that religious pluralism is the answer to solving the world’s problems and that the church is to be known for what it is for and not for what it is against. He will continue to attempt to unite all religions based on deeds rather than doctrines.


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