Debate: “Is Mormonism Christian?” Walter Martin vs Van Hale.

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7 thoughts on “Debate: “Is Mormonism Christian?” Walter Martin vs Van Hale.

  1. Okay… way off topic… bump this if you desire, but Mr. Van Hale looks like an older version of The Office’s Dwight Shrute. ON topic: Praise God that happened. Let’s pray it goes all the way.


  2. This was not a serious discussion at all. Matindale throws lots out. Better to study for yourself. Van Hale was never a church spoksman.


  3. Perhaps you can enlighten us as to what was not serious about it, and what whether or not Van Hale was an official church spokesman has to do with anything?

    Did Van Hale misspeak in his defense of Mormonism?

    Your use of “Van Hale was never a church spokesman” holds little water.

    – The Pilgrim


  4. It seems to me that if God wanted to correct all of the alleged “corruptions” and “abominations” of the Church’s creeds, let alone use Joseph Smith to do so, why would He use a language (i.e. reformed Egyptian) that nobody could have translated without the “miracle of translation”? The Bible was written in the common tongue of the recipients – Greek and Hebrew. Furthermore, why should we believe that Joseph Smith’s translation was not only a miracle, but also inerrant? After all, nobody could check the language out, even Professor Charles Anthon, because “the Lord knoweth… that none other people knoweth our language…”

    Also, why is God, according to the Book of Mormon 9:32-34, restricted to the size of these golden plates? Was almighty God not powerful enough to make larger plates so that He could’ve used His desired language – Hebrew? Does God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, not have authority over gold plates? If so, why don’t Mormons worship the plates, because they seem to have subdued God.

    Setting aside Joseph Smith’s documented shady history, Mormonism has plenty of logical and arbitrary inconsistencies built into their doctrine that subvert Mormon beliefs. Even giving them the benefit of the doubt, their theology cannot reconcile itself with rationality.

    According to 2 Timothy 2:23-26 (KJV), those who are in the snare of the devil (those who are deceived) wind up opposing themselves. Mormon theology opposes itself.


  5. I disliked this debate very much. Martin was so rude to Mr Hale and gave him few opportunities to respond and the crowd was deplorable.

    My favorite part is when Mr. Hale says: Are you going to interrupt me and Mr. Martin explodes; No one’s been interrupting you… actually, yes, Mr. Hale was interrupted so often it was ridiculous.

    I am not Mormon, I have no love for Mormonism but I felt Mr. Martin handled himself very badly.

    (Actually, not 100% sure this is the debate I heard but the debate I did hear between these two was terrible).


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