Richard Dawkins: How to successfully avoid a question by not answering the question.

Richard Dawkins is dumbfounded after being asked to “give an example of a genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the information in the genome” – quite a reasonable question that one would expect Oxford University’s Professor for the Public Understanding of Science – so adamant in his belief in evolution – could and would provide an answer for. He then responds but DOES NOT answer the question that was asked of him. Why? Because he has no idea when it comes to processes that add information to the genome – the very premise of what he proclaims!! His writings claiming that he was not stumped are a desperate endeavour to cover his cowardly tracks (and on a further note, his writings don’t cover any of these “information adding” processes either).

Time line of the interview.

14 thoughts on “Richard Dawkins: How to successfully avoid a question by not answering the question.

  1. Well, if we could go back 350 million years ago and observe that first ‘whatever’ coming out of the water and attempting to make land; where is that intermediate fossil record?


  2. Very interesting clip. The sad thing is, Dawkins’ ego will probably not allow him to recognize that his inability to answer the question shoots holes into his personal belief in evolution. The ego sure can darken our eyes (and minds) sometimes. Too bad.


  3. It all goes back to no transitional fossil record. If evolution is true, the fossil record would prove it. Consequently, no fossil record, no evolution.


  4. Did any of ya watch “Expelled!”? AT the end of that movie, Ben Stein asks Dawkins how man came into being and Dawkins admits there must be an intelligence – SPACE ALIENS! For which he has no explantion.

    And now for something refreshing:


  5. That video was so funny, Manfred.

    I just stumbled onto another video which I thought was quite good… a guy gives proof from science that God DOES exist. (I suppose this will never convince Mr. Dawkins though. He doesn’t want to be accountable to a Supreme Being.)


  6. This really shows the delusion of evolution, and as has been mentioned, man’s arrogance and pride.

    Watched all the other videos and loved them.

    God bless.


  7. Let it be known that our God reigns, He rules EVERYTHING, He is the faithful One, He is the Father of the fatherless and power of the weak.

    When I look at my younger years as a father and see how He has raised up my children, I praise God for working all things for His glory and the good of His chosen ones. I weep with joy in thanks for His grace and the mercy He gives daily. How wonderful it is to be called the son of the MOST HIGH GOD!

    Let us stir up one another unto good works, that we might cooperate with the Spirit of God and bring Him glory – so that He needs not raise up rocks to do so.


  8. The fields are ripe unto harvest friends and those fields are on the internet. Under a different name, I have been talking with all kinds of people. Many atheists DO want to discuss God. Give them a chance!

    The internet is great because people will say things they would NEVER say in person. They are not afraid to discuss things because they have nothing vested in your relationship. This makes it important to be kind and keep it on a high level. But you will find the conversations turn to religion much quicker than irl. Be thoughtful, ask tough questions, and be gentle even if they start of meanspirited.

    One thing that materialism has effectually done is to shut off logical discussion on topics like political science, ethics, and human nature. (these are all relegated to the sphere of opinion.) When you can appeal to reason and Scripture, you make points that will be listened to! There are big questions out there that science just doesn’t answer. . .


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