Sproul and Mohler on the seeker-sensitive movement.

HT: Reformation Theology

3 thoughts on “Sproul and Mohler on the seeker-sensitive movement.

  1. R.C. hit it on the head – The Seeker Sensitive movement is an attempt by men to build large followings through programs.

    I know first hand that the gospel has been relegated to a position of neglect in favor of the opinions of men. Books of the opinions of men have so overladen the Bible that it’s message of salvation has been obscured.

    If these men ever dared preach the truth of the word, they following week there “congregations” would be reduced by 90%.


  2. RoS – Rose of Sharon,

    I have deleted your comments and will continue to do so because of your attitude, your words, your name-calling, and your baseless attacks.

    Before you are allowed to post here, it is recommended you go to our Rules of Engagement and read them carefully. Sadly, your ungodly, and un-Christ-like responses reveal much about you and your church when you are more concerned about standing up for theatrics than for the truth of God’s Word.

    Let me clarify a couple of points based on your latest comment though – this is NOT about numbers. The measure of success is NOT about numbers as you think. It is about faithfulness and the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of unregenerate, totally-depraved sinners. I don’t care how many people walk across a “bridge” on the platform or “pray” a prayer at your church or any other church. The fact is that most people who get involved in such theatrics, you normally can’t find with a search warrant in a matter of weeks.

    The only thing that saves people is when the Holy Spirit comes to an individual and by His grace chooses them from among the sons of men. He reveals to them they are on their way to hell and that the only just penalty for their sin is separation from God for all eternity. At that point, He gives them the ability to place their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for salvation and they find that the Saviour became their Perfect Sinbearer. He became sin for them who knew no sin so that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus – 2 Cor. 5:21.

    The problem is that there are many imposters and charlatans who are but tares in the midst of the wheat that makes up the Body of Christ. The way is very narrow and very few will actually find the path. When a church social club has to use the world’s means to try and introduce Jesus as a “cool dude” they have missed the boat as far as the preaching of the gospel is concerned.

    If you think this is a “sickening forum”, then my final recommendation would be for you to go and troll the internet elsewhere.

    The Desert Pastor


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