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voddie-baucham Our children used to watch more television than we care to admit. Then we moved to England. TV in England was so bad that we got cable so we didn’t have to watch regular television at night. Eventually we just didn’t watch. We occasionally rented videos, but for the most part we became a family of readers. I can’t tell you the difference that made in our children’s lives. Now our children are limited to four hours per week—only on weekends—and to be honest, unless something special is on, they tend not to use all of that.

– Voddie Baucham

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  1. Television is the bane of modern Christianity. A golden calf that few want to part ways with where so many are content watching the most inane, blasphemous, perverted and vile filth that flows forth from the evil imaginations of wicked men’s hearts. All those things mind you that Christ came to deliver us from and that for which he was nailed to the tree.

    And it is not only the actual shows but many times the commercials that make me cringe when I am visiting family and they have the Babylon box playing. Like the Viagra commercials – ugh.

    In writing this know that I myself was guilty of bowing down to the golden calf which I justified with the excuse that since I worked hard I really needed to laugh. I mean, don’t the Scriptures say laughter is good medicine? And so I welcomed the reprobate Jerry Seinfield and his motley crew into my home along with the rebellious and markedly anti-Christian views of Matt Groening via the Simpsons. Sad but true. Yet to God be the glory after waffling for a while as my heart was clearly being convicted of my sin by the Holy Spirit, I eventually pulled the plug and never looked back.

    I hope and pray others do the same as I believe you will be greatly blessed in so doing. Spend the time reading good literature/theological works, have a Bible study with your spouse/children, get to know your children by spending time with them playing, reading, teaching, etc., visit the orphans and widows, pick up a hobby, go for a walk, exercise, plant a garden, enjoy nature and get outside or any other number of healthy things you can engage in.

    The benefits you will reap will be many not the least of which will be an increased sensitivity to sin whereby when you see TV after being away from it for a while you will feel sick and quesy in spirit about how you use to imbibe in these things. Much the same as happens to ex-smokers when they quit and years later walk into a smoker’s presence and find themselves gagging.


  2. While I hate having the gummint control so much of the economy, the switch to digital TV was a blessing for us. We don’t have cable and broadcast TV is anything but good quality, with rare exceptions.

    But there are many such “diversions” available – such as this one we are using at this moment. And the 22 year-old BMW motorcycle waiting for me in the garage. Anything can be an idol, so wicked is the mind/heart of the human. For the last 20 or so years, we’ve seen the culture set up children as gods to be worshiped – if they escape the clutches of the abortionist.

    The Bible is the only sure source of guidance for how to live, and that includes training our own selves and our children in righteousness.

    Let all God’s children thank Him for His Word, preserved for us, and for faithful preachers who do not back down in response to the cultural mandates.


  3. TV: the great time waster. What did people ever do without it? Oh, wait! Lets see, how about study their Bibles. Study Hebrew and Greek. Study church history. Study and engage in Apologetics. Familiarize onself with the basic errors of common cults and false religions, so as to preach the truth effectively to those deceived or on the fence. Familiarize oneself with the postmodern midset so as to communicate the gospel more effectively to Posties. Spend time with family and friends. Help others, pray for others…


  4. Dear Brother Michael:

    Amen, Amen, and Amen! You are spot on.

    And Manfred and DavidW, spot on as well.

    Our family literally cut the umbilical cord (cable) of flowing filth into our home almost three years ago. What a tremendous blessing it has been. Our children are growing up without TV. What a foreign concept nowadays.

    We still have a TV in our home but it is not hooked up to anything but a DVD player and VCR where we can strictly regulate what we view and allow to be viewed on it.

    Sadly, when you try to convey your excitement about a TV-free life (and the benefits of it to your Christian walk), to other Christians you get met with resistance so we don’t even bother trying to announce the virtues of a TV-free life anymore.

    The only thing that gets professing Christians in more of a tizzy than suggesting they throw out their cable is that they seriously reconsider the music they listen to. Those are fightin’ words.

    Anyway, it is so nice to be in our home where no one is YELLING at you to buy this and that, and images that are opposed to a holy life are not broadcast into house. I just wish more people would try it. There truly is life after TV.

    – The Pilgrim

    P.S. For more on TV, check out DefCon’s Television Category.


  5. We lived in England for awhile and the regular tv was filled with soaps, soaps, and more soaps. Tv is so much worse there than here (at least it was, don’t know if it still is). What’s worse is that in England you have to pay a tv tax. Just think! You have to pay taxes to be able to watch the junk that comes out of your tv. While we were there we decided it wasn’t worth it and got rid of regular tv. We did watch videos every now and then and it was amazing what we were able to accomplish when we stopped watching it.

    We did have a LOT of people get very upset when we told them we felt it was important for our family to get rid of regular tv as we had a difficult time controlling it. We were told we were judging them and had no business to taking tv from our children. People do get very upset if you tell them the Lord has convicted your heart over something that they don’t want to get rid of. Hmmmm….. I wonder if they are convicted over it, as well! 😀


  6. DesertWife,

    Your post reminded me that when I was in high school, living in West Germany, we had NO TV for 3 years! After the first 3 months, I forgot what TV was. I’ve come to realize that I wasn’t saved at the time (the churches we attended were children of Finney), but I wasted my time in better ways.

    Speaking of such things – the “pope of Houston”, Ed Young, is closing in on spending $14 million to “improve” the “worship center” of 2nd Baptist with more and bigger and brighter TV screens! and the like.

    During my reading this morning, 1 Samuel chapters 3 & 4 reminded me of Ed Young and his Dallas area son, Ed Young, Jr. Eli knew of his sons rebellion against God and did not restrain them (they were adults). Ed Young, more and more, seems to be like Eli – compromising in his personal walk with the Lord (declared a few years back that Muslims and Christians worship the same God), his failure to restrain Jr. is just as grievous. May he repent before it’s too late.

    Now, let me say that same last sentence to me, though in regards to DIFFERENT sins.


  7. Very true that there are other time wasters in our lives that need to be gotten rid of!

    I realize that but the only thing I was trying to say was that many times we’ve had people ask us why we don’t have a tv and I’ve tried to share what the Lord has done in our hearts and lives. In turn, they get very upset and try to say that we are trying to force it down their throat. My question is why would they bother asking what our reasons are for not having a tv and then get upset at us when all we do is answer their question? We know that we have a difficult time controlling the tv and that is what we share with them. We have NEVER tried to tell anyone they MUST get rid of their tv! If they can handle it in the right way then that’s great but don’t ask us to share and then try to accuse us of ramming our convictions down their throat!

    I also was responding to what Pilgrim said on his comment and how I was in agreement with him. I don’t doubt that we could better use our time with whatever the time waster is but I also know that people who don’t seem to mind what we say about the tv are also 1.) ones who haven’t been convicted about the tv (i.e. unbelievers who don’t care one way or another) or 2. they don’t have the issues with the tv and are better able to control it than what we are.

    I don’t believe that the comment made by Voddie Baucham was directed at those people who have no problems controlling their tv. If they don’t have problems controlling their tv then there should be no reason to be upset about those of us who are trying to help each other out and have found a great way in which to do so (i.e. get rid of the regular tv)!

    I hope this helps you to understand where we are coming from.


  8. I’d like to try that with my family. But I was so foolish as to send my kids through the L.A. City Public School system.
    Now I am afraid that they do not know how to read.


  9. Tv in the Uk is generally vile. Comments above re the soaps are absolutely true. Unfortunately these programmes spill over into the culture in other ways too. We have magazine racks full of the ‘storylines’, the characters and detailing their ‘relationships’. The actors regularly appear on the daytime shows talking about their characters. It’s totally mindless.

    However, every now and again I tune into one of those confessional type shows. We have jeremy Kyle over here, can hardly bear it. But it reminds me that there is a very lost and confused world out there which needs a saviour. These people take their worldview from these tv shows and sometimes I think it can be helpful to be reminded of that.

    We still have a tv, but we have an off switch on it and to be honest, the tv is more off than on here. We watch the news and what we consider to be good stuff. The bad stuff stays off as it’s truly pathetic and I don’t want to touch it with a barge pole. My kids watch cartoons and also ‘hate’ the soaps.

    My next struggle is with music tv and my growing son. We regulate what he watches. And I would like him to decide with us that he doesn’t want to watch it anyway cos it’s rubbish.


  10. I have a question for those of you that have tossed the TV. We also tossed the TV a few years back (own one but only for DVDs and for playing the Wii) and I have begun to notice that everyone seems to be on this big “green” kick. Have you noticed this and do you think its linked to them watching TV? It seems like TV is being used to shape the thoughts of the masses! This “go green, save the planet” message is everywhere on TV, especially on children’s shows. I wonder what message will be spread to the masses next…


  11. Tanya C,

    Remember, it isn’t easy being green!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist… 🙂

    Yes, this is the latest message in the liberal media holster to “save mother earth”.

    Have humans (including Christians) been good stewards of God’s creation? Not really.

    That being said, the Lord created the earth for us. It is NOT more important than we are. We are made in the image of God.

    Not animals (sorry to break it to you, PETA),

    not the earth (sorry to break it to you, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, et al.),

    … but MAN.

    The best part is that, despite man rebelling against God – shaking his puny fist at Him – and enslaving himself to his sins, thus earning the wrath of a perfectly Holy God, instead of pouring out His wrath on us (as we deserve), He poured it out on His Son.

    Barabbas (the guilty man) went free…

    and Jesus Christ (the Innocent Man) was killed.

    Thank you Lord Jesus!


  12. Tanya C:
    The environmental movement has been advancing hard since at least the late 1980s. That is when I began to get caught up in it. If you wish to see where it’s all heading, open up your Bible to Romans chapter one. You’ll also see the parallel advance of homosexuality in tandem with environmentalism in Paul’s letter in the latter times.

    Something to consider: Yes, the brainwashing is very effective. Whatever those in control of the media want you to think and believe, just give them a few years and they will shape your thought process on any given subject. Our society is so media saturated and so media dependent that it’s a very effective means of indoctrination. If it weren’t so, companies wouldn’t spend billions of dollars a year in advertising.

    Additionally, I can attest to the fact that I’ve seen the media successfully change the attitudes of millions of people on the issue of homosexuality in the course of one generation. I’ve seen it before my very eyes go from a taboo abhorrent lifestyle to it’s all ok and only narrow minded people oppose it.

    Jeff H:
    Great point on the example of substitution. It never dawned on me the example between Barabbas and Jesus.

    – The Pilgrim


  13. Romans 12:1 & 2 reminds us that the world and it’s agenda are aggressively looking to conform unwary folks to its image. 1 John reminds us how hateful towards the Lord it is to be dragged off to the world.

    Nobody but Christ can keep us – once saved – from falling prey to the flesh.

    Check out the video here to see how sad some people can get – Romans 1 personified: http://menofhonorministry.org/Apostasy.htm


  14. TanyaC – You are very correct in your observation. This direction towards the creature/earth/animals is where man goes when he turns from the living God. That is, man worships the creature/creation rather than the Creator.

    Along with this, one of the tactics of those opposed to the Lord and Biblical truth, those we would identify as “green”, earth worshipers, animal worshipers, socialists, etc., is to target the youth. Because if you can get the youth, you can capture an entire generation.

    This they do it in very, very subtle ways with music, TV and movies being their favorite and most powerful mediums. Disney movies are a perfect example. Many view them as harmless and good, clean fun, but they are anything than that. Rather they are ingenious ways to indoctrinate youth to a particular worldview in a way that most parents don’t realize since to them it all seems innocuous.

    One example I cite is Ratatouille that my family had playing when I was visiting them. Funny; no doubt, yet the messages interwoven into this work were markedly anti-Christ. For example, although the movie obviously did not have “sex” scenes, it did have an inappropriate relationship between a young boy and an older woman. One scene shows him falling on the woman where he plants a deep, passionate kiss on her lips that then leads to their ungodly relationship. Unbelievable as to what this teaches young boys where it is acceptable to man-handle a woman they lust over. And then they wonder why there are such things as date rape.

    The main theme though was to elevate the creature; in this case dirty, filthy vermin know as rats, to human status. Here, the rats think like humans, they talk like humans, they feel like humans, they even cook like humans, and thus, they need to be treated with respect and care where it is even a good thing if they raid your pantry since they have families to feed too. And certainly do not kill them because they weep over their dead just like we do (I wonder if they had PETA consultants for this film).

    This is just one example where you can see this theme woven in most Disney movies. And tragically much of this slips under the radar even of many Christians because it is animation and deemed “cute” and harmless and a safe antidote to more explicit movies. Part of this due to the fact that most people sadly have more compassion and love for animals than for human beings.

    What then results from this worldview are laws developed by the brainwashed youth (and adults!) that become codified and part of the books. We can clearly see this in our world where hurting an animal can result in fines, imprisonment and shunning from the world at large. Many times even greater than if the same thing had been done with humans. Michael Vick being a good example where he is sent to prison for having dogs fight; but yet promoters of Ultimate Fighting and boxing are praised and lauded for providing us good entertainment.


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