Sermons not suitable for children?

Church GrowthJust when you thought the hirelings were done with the “sex sermons,” here comes Eagle Pointe Church and their stab at being relevant to the world. In fact, they’re so relevant to the world that their upcoming sermon series is on the topic of sex and comes with the following disclaimer:

We’re kicking off a new teaching series called “God – Love – Sex” – where we’re going to have a very open, honest, and blunt talk about Love, Relationships, Dating, Marriage, & Sex. BTW: Parents – some material may be inappropriate for younger audiences – parental discretion is advised.

Wow. A “sermon” that is not suitable for children. Search the Scriptures as much as you want, you won’t find Jesus or the Apostles having to give a warning that their message may not be suitable for children. But we do find the exact opposite, don’t we?

But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. (Matt. 18:6)

I wonder how the Church survived the last 2,000 years without sex sermons. Try as I might, I cannot find this type of nonsense anywhere in Church history.

Seriously guys, it’s time to move onto exploiting some other lust, the sex sermons are so yesterday.

15 thoughts on “Sermons not suitable for children?

  1. Yeah…how about handing over the forgiveness of sins for Jesus’ sake (once in awhile)…and let it go at that.

    (prefaced by a bit of law- of course)

    What, and offend their audience?


  2. Relevant???
    The fact that such ‘sermons’ are missing from church history SHOULD be enough, nonetheless the defenders of such garbage will come attempting to use some lame excuse, while trying to walk the tightrope (of heresy/truth) by not blantantly saying “well, times have changed, we need new revelation!”


  3. They seem to have forgotten that the Lord was not relevant and even pushed people away by His teaching (a lot of the disciples didn’t stay with Him anymore, the rich young ruler, the Pharisees, etc. etc. etc.). People are so into the fact of God’s LOVE that they forget about God! By-pass the Giver of the gifts to get hold of the gifts seems to be the rule of the day!


  4. sound doctrine as in 1 Cor 13, Col 3, Song of Songs??? As much as God speaks in His Word speaks about marriage, sex, purity, adultery, faithfulness, love… are we as the body of Christ not supposed to teach on these subjects???


  5. Pastor Howard,
    Is preaching on sex necessary during worship service? Are little ears to be exposed to such messages? If there are problems concerning sex in a marriage, shouldn’t private counseling be sought with a pastor, as opposed to preaching this during family worship? As a parent of a 10 year old, I do NOT want my daughter exposed to this type of preaching in a public setting. It is my responsibility, as a parent, to teach her about these matters. If I run into problems, I will consult my pastor privately.
    It is a sad day when you cannot take your little ones to church because the sermon may be too ‘racy’ for little ears.
    Adult bible studies would be an ideal setting for such teaching, but NOT Sunday morning worship service.


  6. “Pastor” Howard, you are no Pastor sir, you my dear fellow would be what the Lord described as a “Hireling” (John 10:13)

    And I must remind you sir, that unless you repent you will perish! (Luke 13:3)

    – dale


  7. Hyper-sexualized marketing tactics continue to rule the secular world. This doesn’t belong in the church. This doesn’t surprise me, as I see more & more churches using worldly marketing tactics, and some are making a nice living from it. Thanks for bringing attention to this story…

    Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2


  8. Sickening! They should be ashamed. Never has there been such a biblical illiterate bunch of so called Christians. Christian material has never been so abundant, we can listen to sermons 24 hours a day, read anything on net, bibles everywhere. Yet in majority of churches there is a famine concerning the gospel. Sex sermons might attract the seekers who want to be entertained but not the true Christian. Get off the pulpit you false teachers, isn’t it enough that you are hell bound, no- you want to take as many as you can with you. So many need to hear the gospel, but in these churches they never will. This is why persecution has always been good for the church, it sifts out the rubbish.


  9. The gospel is all-encompassing; this includes sexuality. Since our culture has been utterly “pornified” it would be silly for churches to not address this. So many people are addicted to and/or misinformed about our God-given sexuality that’s it’s direclty linked to the demise our our families and country. God help us point people to Jesus in the midst of their sexual confusion and brokenness.


  10. Tried leaving this comment earlier, but it didn’t work. Not sure what happened. I’ll try again. Hopefully, I’m doing this correctly:

    Maybe Paul should not have discussed the man who was sleeping with his father’s wife in 1 Corinthians 5 because it was inappropriate for children who would read it. Or perhaps Paul shouldn’t have taught married couples not to deny one another because of their lack of self-control in 1 Corinthians 7. Or maybe Jesus should have left out the discussion of lust being tantamount to adultery of the heart. If we are going to deem certain things off-limits for a sermon let’s make sure the things we ban aren’t actually in the Bible. Seems like the same people who would contend that we should “preach the whole counsel of the word of God!” are the ones who would also say, “Seriously guys, it’s time to move onto exploiting some other lust, the sex sermons are so yesterday.” Some would say biblical truth is “so yesterday” but that is not a good argument for leaving it out of a sermon.


  11. Lane, thank you for stopping by. The issue is not what topics are covered in the Scriptures, but really how the subject matters are handled. Sadly, many churches seeking to be hip, cool, and relevant are using crassness and vulgarity to draw crowds. This is unbiblical. Secondly, any time you have to warn parents that the messages are going to be so vulgar and frank that the Biblical pattern of families worshiping together is not acceptable, then the messages will be out of line and should not be acceptable in collective worship.


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