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voddie-baucham Any mother who walks into the average American church with six or seven children will tell you, the pagan, secular humanist culture at large is not alone in its negative attitude toward children. Moreover, look at the divorce rates among Christians compared to those of non-Christians, and you will see that our attitudes about and commitment to marriage is anything but exemplary.

– Voddie Baucham

5 thoughts on “Quotes (627)

  1. My daughter, now 21, has wanted to grow up to be a wife and mother. When she first visited http://www.gracefamilybaptist.net/GFBC2/Home.html , after my wife and I had moved over there, she proclaimed the place to be a “Mormon Baptist Church” because of the families with 5 or more kids – lots of families with lots of kids.

    We had not taught her to think like the world in this regard – and she had not bought into the world’s view of womanhood or child rearing – but we had not taught her biblical doctrine of what God tells us about children regarding “child planning” – the number of kids to have.

    This has been a wonderful education for us, to better understand the will of God and to see families enjoy the Lord’s blessing of children and raise them in accordance with His Word. It is truly different from most churches I’ve seen. And it’s all for the glory of God, lest any man boast.


  2. God hates divorce. Simple and yet so very very scary.

    It is interesting to note with certain surveys that say “Christian marriages have a higher rate of divorce than non- Christians” the way in which they deem somebody a Christian.

    The critieria for being a Christian often in these surveys is; “If you have prayed a prayer and accepted Jesus, aswell has asking for forgiveness then you are considered Christian”.

    I am of the impression that in America the vast majority of people say they are born again but live like the devil.


  3. People have no commitment to anything anymore except themselves and this is where self-esteem comes in so handily. This doctrine is of the devil because for nearly 6000 years or so of humanity, pride has been it’s downfall! Suddenly in the past century or so mankind is suddenly too humble and has to learn how to love themselves so they can love others! How foolish can we get? The problem is not that we are too humble but that we already love ourselves more than we should and now we are being encouraged to love ourselves even more. This has an effect on the marriage because people are not committed to a godly marriage, they are committed to number 1…themselves!


  4. I have a question Id like to ask in a technical context. When people divorce are they required to state what religion they are to the government? If not, where are the figures for Christian divorce actually coming from?


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