Creeping unnoticed into the Lutheran church.


This past week many Protestants (and especially Lutherans) celebrated Martin Luther’s nailing of the 95 Theses to the Wittenberg door in 1517. But all is not well in Lutherville. Someone has crept in unnoticed.

Meet Nadia Bolz-Weber. The tattooed, female, pro-sodomy, emergent, foul-mouthed, feminist, Lutheran pastor who has Martin rolling in his grave.

Here are some interesting quotes from her blog.

This is how they will know that you are my disciples: that you take my body and blood to the airport. Amen?
To sing “Take O Take Me As I Am” while putting cookers and bleach and condoms in bags felt quite holy.
Nothing says “He Is Risen” quite like a chocolate fountain in the baptismal font.

A few sentences I had to cut from tomorrow’s sermon, so I am letting them live here: Much ink and much blood has been spilled on the matter of the Trinity doctrine. Are we celebrating God as bad math? 1+1+1=1? Why don’t we add some other church doctrine festivals? We could have “Substitutionary Atonement” Sunday where we celebrate God as angry cigar chopping loan shark demanding his pound of flesh. Or perhaps “Divine Inspiration of Scripture” Sunday and celebrate God as confused librarian.

I’ve been at Luther Seminary for 3 weeks now and have yet to meet an out GLBTQ person. Um, I know they have to be here somewhere. It’s so weird to be in an environment where it is apparently not safe to be out. It’s making me deeply sad actually. I think I’ll start being a little obnoxious about it and find some rainbow flags and pink triangles to sport.
Allie Allie in come free!!!!

It’s so troubling to me to be a part of system (the ELCA – my denomination) who has a policy of exclusion that I do not agree with….it actually goes beyond disagreement, I think it is sinful. I just refuse to leave and will (along with many many other folks) work to change my church. That is a threat, not just a promise.

This is the inevitable result of someone who takes the Bible seriously but not literally.

19 thoughts on “Creeping unnoticed into the Lutheran church.

  1. Notice the implicit yet quite in-your-face mantra of the emergent Social Justice League: “You are intolerant, as long as you are outside of what I am willing to tolerate.” Also, notice how, in her view, it is what offends her that is sin rather than what offends God. Thus, if God offends her, God is in sin and must not be preached as He presents Himself in His word.


  2. Quote “Why don’t we add some other church doctrine festivals? We could have “Substitutionary Atonement” Sunday where we celebrate God as angry cigar chopping loan shark demanding his pound of flesh.”
    She sounds like the Emergent church but a lot more vile in her mockery of this and other doctrines.
    Pray for her and her flock that they would be saved.


  3. Nadia is just a bit confused.

    1 – She does not realize the Holiness of God.

    2 – She does not know how sinful she truly is.

    3 – She does not acknowledge that God the Holy Spirit divinely inspired the Bible. That what the Bible plainly teaches is what God plainly meant.

    4 – She does not believe that God will cast the reprobate into the lake of fire.

    5 – She does not understand that God will obtain glory from those vessels meant for a Holy purpose and those meant for destruction.


  4. Vintage Emergent Christianity. This, of course coming from the more Liberal side. But the source, the mindset, the spirit behind it is the same. It is the spirit of Antichrist. And whether it comes in the form of suit and tie “pastors”, tatooed Lesbian “pastors”, or chest-thumping macho sex-joking “pastors”, their “gospel” is the same. When the Bible is used, it is redefined to “support” their ideologies. It’s trans-denominational, and trans-demographical. And the sooner we recognize this, the sooner we can help those who are being sucked down it’s vortex.

    Notice what Bolz-Weber herself has said: “…I just refuse to leave and will (along with many many other folks) work to change my church. That is a threat, not just a promise.”

    She has revealed part of their “gospel”: to change the church to conform to anti-biblical, anti-christian beliefs.


  5. “Pastor” Nadia. Well… the wheels have already flown off right there.

    Ungodly, militant ANYTHING will germinate and grow in the manure that feeds all tares growing outside of God’s Word.


  6. Hey everybody,

    Here’s an idea. Why don’t we take John Piper’s approach to heresy as evidenced at The Resurgence 2009 conference? This was in regards to a question asked during the Q&A time about Doug Wilson who promotes Federal Vision and N.T. Wright who promotes The New Perspective on Paul.

    Quote from John Piper —

    “No, that’s easy! Doug Wilson doesn’t preach another gospel. I don’t think N.T. Wright preaches a false gospel either. I think N.T. Wright preaches a very confusing gospel!….I don’t think he [Doug Wilson] is a heretic. I don’t think he’s preaching another gospel.”


  7. DP – I hope you’re kidding. From my knothole, a “very confusing gospel” is “another gospel”. THE gospel is simple – man is depraved by sin, unable to do good or seek God. God, in His mercy, calls men to repent and believe on Jesus – the Son of God Who lived as man without sin and gave Himself as an offering, taking the sins of many upon Himself. Those whom God has called will repent and believe, being sealed by the Spirit of God, Who will preserve all those given by the Father to the Son until the day of judgment.


  8. Yes Manfred, I should have placed a caveat at the end of my last remark to that effect. I am very much kidding about simply calling Nadia’s heresy just a “very confusing gospel.” However, I was VERY serious about the situation with John Piper. More of this to come though in a new post very soon.


  9. DP:
    And this just reveals more of what Piper really believes, despite his “Desiring God” enterprise. Of course he’s been preaching his own heresy of “Christian Hedonism” for some time. The whole Federal Vision is a huge heretical “Vision” top to bottom, mixed and mingled with Scripture of course to deceive the gullible. Doug Wilson and N.T. Wright not preaching other gospels??? There is only one Gospel. Since Wilson and Wright don’t preach the Gospel of the Scriptures, and Piper says theirs are not false gospels (clearly implying theirs are true), thus Piper has openly sided with false teachers and has given approval of yet more false gospels. Oh, yeah, and as for “The Resurgence”, isn’t that Emergent “pastor” and false teacher Mark Driscoll’s organization as well? Piper is slithering more and more into the open. Why Christians continue to support him, I still can’t figure out.


  10. Hmm. I knew her when her name was Lisa, and she went to Littleton Church of Christ.
    A “searcher” shouldn’t drag other people down with them.


  11. I found a great quote by Martin Luther:
    “Unless I am convinced by proofs from Scriptures or by plain and clear reasons and arguments, I can and will not retract, for it is neither safe nor wise to do anything against conscience. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me. Amen.”

    Then I landed on this post.

    I do not know the background of Nadia (aka: Lisa) Bolz-Weber, but she acts like a jew who is not a Jew (Rev.), or a crypto-jew always trying to lower everyone else’s standards to their lowest common denominator in politics, finance, religion, humor, entertainment, music, and relationships.

    They seem to have a “gift” for arrogance that allows them to gain something from acting as outrageously as they can and attempting to lower standards toward anti-Christian animal behavior. I believe she knows full well what she is doing, believes she is her own god or in a false god to save her from any punishment, and that is what makes these people evil beyond an ignorant sinner.

    I do believe we can pray for these depraved to see the true light of the Lord, at least until the mark of the beast seals their fate. The Lord will not be kind to these souls, if they cannot repent.


  12. Judging by the post and the comments that follow, it’s painfully obvious that most, if not all of you have ever spent even five minutes in conversation with Nadia. If you had, you’d know she’s a highly orthodox Lutheran with a high christology, a firm belief in a literal resurrection, and a heart that breaks for the things of God.

    To call her a ‘creature’ or ignorant or insinuating that she’s a lesbian is beyond vile and only goes to show the darkness in your own hearts.


  13. Amen to Christian. lifting a few quotes out of context does nothing to advance the body of Christ. Absolutely, Nadia would testify about her own life that she hit bottom and repented, that is, realized that she needed to depend only on the sure promises of God. She absolutely has a high Christology and trusts Christ’s resurrection.


  14. Jon Gleason, thank you for that link. It clearly shows that the root of Lisa’s problem is that she is trying to “give the people what they want” she takes pride in “knowing her people and what they respond to”. And since all men are born in a state of sin and misery, seeking to give them what they want inevitably leads their pastor to previously unplumbed depths of moral terpitude. The Lisas of this world need to try giving their congregations “what they need” which is the uncompromising truth of the Gospel.


  15. Her two defenders are far concerned about defaming and offending Nadia than about defaming and offending the one true Holy God.
    Matt. 7: 21-28 says it all.


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