Creepy . . . just creepy.

This video is highly offensive to pirates (and all five of your senses).

Satan is a quadriplegic?

God wants me to be a sunbeam?

Did they kill that baby bird to make their point?

Words escape me.

No trip down “Bad Theology Lane” would be complete without Tillie the Bible Clown and Super Adrian.

Wait, doesn’t this video contradict Tille the Bible Clown’s superhero theology?

And finally, imagine how silly it would be if a worship band performed while dressed as clowns. Imagine no more!

9 thoughts on “Creepy . . . just creepy.

  1. Dude. These videos are sick. They do show that some folk are so consumed with the method that they’ve lost touch with the supposed message.

    I do have to point out one thing, however: The little puppet girl in the third video didn’t say “God needs me to be sunbeam”, she said, “God wants me to be a sunbeam.” While the sunbeam is a (IMO) a bad analogy, the puppet did not declare that God abides in temples made by puppet hands, as though He had of anything puppet could give Him. 🙂


  2. Is it just me..or does “Little Marcy” look like the bride of Chucky?

    Seriously, the baby bird video is troubling to me. I spent many years working with K-2nd grade children, and this sends a confusing message. What are these people thinking?!


  3. Okay, our Pastor hired his good friend as our new children’s pastor:

    The children led worship for ‘Youth Sunday’ using ‘rave/industrial’ music.

    We were insulted each Sunday as the new pastor walked about our church dressed in a very immodest ‘Super hero’ type outfit….

    The last straw for us was when the 4-10 year olds ate chocolate pudding out of baby diapers during children’s church one Sunday morning.

    That was 2.5 years ago. We have since found a home discipleship church and the children are the most polite, most well behaved children I have ever seen!

    Praise the Lord, for strong leaders like Voddie Baucham.


  4. I must say that I hate it when we must act like idiots for the youth. I have seen churches crumping, all kinds of acrobatics, downthe aisle and magic shows. All in the name of “saving” the youth. Reall y gets on my nerves.


  5. Just saw this post right now. Wow, this is quite sad, when the kids are more their age and those reaching out to them act younger than the kid’s own age.


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