Quotes (703)

A W Pink When a man has really been convicted by the supernatural operation of the Holy Spirit, the first effect on him is complete and abject despair. His case appears to be utterly hopeless. He now sees he has sinned so grievously that it appears impossible for a righteous God to do anything but damn him for eternity. He sees what a fool he has been in heeding the voice of temptation, fighting against the Most High, and in losing his own soul. He recalls how often God has spoken to him in the past—as a child, as a youth, as an adult, upon a bed of sickness, in the death of a loved one, in adversities—and how he refused to listen and deliberately turned a deaf ear. He now feels he has sinned away his day of grace. But the ground must be plowed and harrowed before it is receptive to seed. So the heart must be prepared by these harrowing experiences, the stubborn will broken, before it is ready for the healing of the Gospel.

– A.W. Pink

1886 – 1952

2 thoughts on “Quotes (703)

  1. Amen! This certainly flies in the face of today’s rampant easy believism…no brokenness over sin, no acknowledging of sin, no understanding of the magnitude of one’s crimes against a Holy and Righteous God.
    Just repeat a canned prayer, or make a decision, or invite Jesus into your heart, or get baptized; all these are man’s attempt to save himself. Yet, God must do the work, He must crush the sinner under the weight of his/her own sins, but not to the point of utter destruction.
    All the outward attempts by man can never replace the inward supernatural work of God.

    “God, be merciful to me, a sinner!”–here is the cry of a soul broken, crushed by the weight of his sins. His plea comes from his own brokenness, wrought by God. He performs no work, no ritual, no traditional routine, no canned prayer…he cries out from the depths of his depravity; and God hears him. The angels rejoice, because another dead sinner has been rescued, saved, brought into the heavenly kingdom, all by His grace.
    “This was the LORD’s doing; It is marvelous in our eyes!” -Psalm 118:23


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