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Christian mothers too often neglect their home-centered role for the empty promises of fulfillment in the workplace, while they warehouse their children in daycare centers. Parents send their children to secular schools where God is outlawed, and they allow them to watch trashy movies and listen to vile music—and hang out with those who do the same. After years of training in the ways of rebellion through godless schooling, debauched entertainment, and peer association, Christian parents are somehow surprised when their teenagers rebel, forsaking the God of their fathers.

– Philip Lancaster

2 thoughts on “Quotes (728)

  1. You are so right, when saying that we have the responsibility to raise our children in the admonition and fear of God. The old saying rings true that bad company corrupts good morals. We see this happening with our children while they are living with others. They are coming to our visits with all sorts of terrible habits, interests and language. From magic, Spiderman, RockStar Hero, the list goes on. They have fears now of things little children should never be afraid of (Daddy, I don’t want my head lopped off…), and any security that children should have in their parents has been torn away. My advice to those out there who have their children? Cherish every moment with them. Play with them, love them, spend time with them and never, never, never take them for granted. You have no idea what precious treasures you have until you don’t have them. Thanks for the post.


  2. Before I was saved, the Lord protected us by having wife determine to love being a house wife who home schooled our children with a Christian curriculum. He is gracious!


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