Christians are “legitimate targets.”

Believe it or not, but the “religion of peace” is still not living up to the title ascribed to it.
“Just days after a brutal attack in a Catholic Church in Baghdad that killed more than 50 people, an Al Qaeda group in Iraq has declared all Christians ‘legitimate targets,’ calling for them to be killed.”
Read the article from Fox News here.

One thought on “Christians are “legitimate targets.”

  1. “A group calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq, or ISI, has labeled all Christians “idolators” in an Internet statement, which it also used to dub the Vatican a “hallucinating tyrant.”

    “ISI is calling for the release of two Egyptian women, wives of Coptic priests, who the group claims are being held against their will after converting to Islam.”

    At least the Muslim tyrants got something right – pot calling the Roman kettle black. Can’t expect Fox News to know the difference between Christians and those who claim to be, though they hold to heretical doctrines of an unbiblical Jesus that cannot save souls.


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