Old Mormon vs New Mormon: Celestial Marriage.

DefCon presents another installment of Old Mormon vs New Mormon.

See our previous installment Old Mormon vs New Mormon: The Missouri Prophecies here.

4 thoughts on “Old Mormon vs New Mormon: Celestial Marriage.

  1. Wow, this leaves me almost speechless. The young man is sincere but way off. Where is the common sense. I was not raised in church, my family back then would be considered agnostic. When I was in my late 20’s seeking for God. I came across Mormonism. I joined a Mormon church but soon realized it was not for me, I thought, why would I read the book of Mormon if I have not read the Bible. I always thought the stories they told me in book of Mormon where way out there, (common sense, some people born with it) I did not have any back ground in Church or Bible, but new in my heart that this was not correct. I have always believed the Bible as the true word of God, even though I had never read it or been to church to have some one tell me it was, now when I read it if things don’t line up with the word I throw them out. What is the plumb line to discern from, there has to be a standard that standard is the word of God. IF man sets the standard, the standard is only as good as that man, we know that no man is good without God. The heart of man is coherently evil with out God, we know we cant come to God without Jesus. Mormonism is a perversion of the Truth. The Church is the body of Christ not found in a building or a sect of people but is found in the heart of true followers of Christ.

    Tracy Grisham


  2. Thanks Pilgrim! Question–are you the one who creates these cultoons? If so, I’ve got to request you do one between Old and New Roman Catholics. Would be interesting indeed!


  3. Hey I had an idea before between either Leonard Ravenhill and Kenneth Copeland or Charles Spurgeon and Joel Osteen. Talk about a great ONE SIDED battle…


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