A biker, an Atheist, a Mormon, and a Muslim walk into a church . . .

Imagine if you will, that you’ve been witnessing to your next door neighbor for years. Let’s call him Bob. Bob is a big burly biker who swears that he’ll never step foot in a church as long as he’s alive.

Then one Saturday night he knocks on your door and tells you that he’s been thinking a lot about life lately and that he’d like to come with you to church the following morning. You try to hide your over-exuberance and tell him it would be your honor and you’d even offer to pick him up.

After Bob leaves, you receive another knock at the door. It’s Adam, one of your other neighbors you’ve been witnessing to. Adam is an Atheist and not only rejects the idea of the existence of God, but in your conversations with him he’s even mocked your faith calling Christianity a “crutch” and a mindless religion best suited for wimps and sissies. So imagine your surprise when he’s on your doorstep and tells you he’d like go to church with you in the morning. After you recover from your shock you tell him you’ll pick him up in the morning.

You go to your bedroom to pray about what has just happened and thank God. And as soon as you get done, you hear another knock on your door. This time it’s your neighbor Mike the Mormon.

In the years you’ve spent sharing the gospel with Mike he’s always objected to Christianity because of the foolishness he used to see in the churches before converting to Mormonism. He tells you that he’s been thinking a lot about your conversations over the years and would like to attend church with you in the morning. After you regain your composure you tell him you’ll pick him up in the morning.

As you’re getting ready for bed the phone rings. It’s Mohammed from work. The Muslim you’ve been witnessing to for years is on the phone asking if he can come to church with you in the morning. Once again, you try to contain your excitement as you tell Mohammed that you’ll pick him up in the morning.

The next morning you arrive at the church with Bob, Adam, Mike, and Mohammed. All of you make your way inside and find seats in the sanctuary.

The pastor gets up and announces that they have a very special guest today. A well-dressed man steps onto the platform and the next thing that you, Bob, Adam, Mike, and Mohammed see is this:

Ingrid Schlueter appropriately asks:

What happened? How did it come to this? What kind of teachings or lack thereof would allow evangelicals to view this as Christian worship? In short, why?

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22 thoughts on “A biker, an Atheist, a Mormon, and a Muslim walk into a church . . .

  1. What an incredible contrast. Heart breaking. I just read through this, watched a few minutes of the video, and then showed it to my wife. She actually teared up. We have friends in EACH of those ‘categories’ (who God has gracefully allowed us to witness to in small ways over the years), and to imagine bringing them to church with the hope of them hearing the preaching of the gospel, and then being confronted with this EXHIBITION, is utterly deflating. This man ought to save his showboating for busking downtown.

    What profound impotence. What profound impudence for a ‘worship’ service. Mrs. Schleuter is, in my opinion, dead on: “In short… why?”

    Why? Because the church has lost the gospel.


  2. Where is Simon Cowell when you need him? That was just painful on multiple levels! We need to pray for true revival and reformation in the body of Christ.


  3. You present a great way of putting this into the proper perspective.
    Many may see this type of a thing and say:
    Why, he is just showing the love of Jesus, what is wrong with that?

    Thanks for the illustration.


  4. I try not to pooh-pooh exuberant, physically expressive praise because I ask myself, would I rather be a David or a Michal? I’ve been known to dance in the aisles myself.
    However, in this case, I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by saying this is probably not how David danced.


  5. In addition, I might add that David’s dancing was spontaneous in his worshiping. Unlike this rehearsed stage performance.


  6. I was part of the larger non-elder group of leaders within a “big-box” church several years ago. We had a “Leadership Summit” with a guest speaker – Bil Cornelius from Bay Area Fellowship. This guy: http://www.creativepastors.com/speaker.php?id=8

    He stood up and told us that discipleship was way over-rated, we knew more than we were doing. We need to look and think more like the world so lost people would feel at home in the “church”. It got worse the longer he spoke. It was a low point in the long fight I had with the “elders” at that church, even though they did not know he was going to speak thusly.

    Point is – people can surprise you. Pastors will know their sheep and be known by them. This will reduce surprises – especially the embarrassing ones.


  7. If this is the bulk of the message that he presented to the church then I’d say lets be worried, but if this was just his performance at the service then that is just his way of praising the Lord, albeit a little new kids on the block-esque. The first thing I thought of was David when he danced for the Lord. I am a little wary of putting down one if they are genuinely worshiping God, although I get your point.

    We DO need to be careful that the message we need and want to be presented is the clear and plain gospel message. I know for my Mother and rest of my family for that matter (all Mormon) would probably be a little uncomfortable if they ever happened to come to church with me and saw this. Me on the other hand wouldn’t mind this so much because in my view this is just a guy singing (and dancing) for God. Maybe he should just save it for the church talent show and leave the preaching for Sunday mornings.

    But this is why it’s important that we stand for God’s Word to be proclaimed from our pulpits each week because if we get too much into the entertainment side of things to draw in visitors, we may cheapen the reason why we are there in the first place and make the Sunday service more like ‘American Idol’.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kind Regards,


  8. Pardon me for pointing out what should be obvious here, but in the scenario painted here where the Holy Spirit has been breaking through barriers that are very strong and brought these four people here at the same time, one person’s very bad dance and song routine is not going to have any real impact beyond, “That was odd. I hope the rest of the service isn’t like that.”


  9. I can hear the church lady now, “My, isn’t that special.” And the world once again laughs at the church. This is not the true church, but it is what the world sees. Very sad indeed.


  10. …and he did it at a Grace Community Church, (Not John MacArthur’s for sure, but a knockoff). Anyways these next 2 videos (you will only be able to stand about 30 seconds of the first, and 5 seconds of the second) show what “nominal christian” actually means!
    I’m telling you folks, the vast majority of American Churchianity is composed of “jesus franchises” that make merchandise of folks as they fleece what is left of the flock still “attending” while trying to make goats act like sheep, for their own profit. Now you can more clearly understand, “Come out of her My children, lest you be caught in her destruction, for her sins have reached to heaven…”


  11. I am embarrassed watching this. I think he is channeling Michael Jackson rather than being filled with the Holy Spirit. While I understand, in his own words, he wants to bring glory to God, he is really only bringing glory to himself. And frankly, I may sing and dance around my house to a praise and worship song, but I would never in a million years do that in front of others, which is what this seems like!

    I agree with Glenn, very sad indeed.


  12. Pfft, Vigilante’s bringin’ the weak stuff! Let’s be honest, a pop and lock routine with a fade into a moonwalk is sooooo ten minutes ago. Sure he’s offering up his praise, but the guy in the video below is offering up praise plus ca$h, so who’s heart is really right with God?


  13. I’m reluctant to say anything remotely positive about this atrocity. I think this “singer’s” whole act should be in thrown into a sewer at some isolated crossroads where the ridiculous meets the horrendous… however, the lyrics to that song were actually very Biblical and God-honoring.


  14. “We know who you are, Son of the most high God…” is also a wonderful, biblical, and God honoring statement about Jesus, except it was offeredc by demons, who ended up as dead wet pigs!
    I posted both links, even though the first poped up, and the second only is a link to youtube. The key point is that, in the same clothes, and the same setting, using the same movements, he is wolrshipping God (?) and then in the second he is dancing to “I’m to sexy…” To make matters worse, his movements are much more in tune with the “I’m to sexy…” sick worldly son then the “christian” song. Please revisit the 2 links and see this! (Then repent for watching it. LOL)
    Finally, read some of the comments about this Pastor!
    We need to face the fact that most folks follow Jesus for what He can do for them, not Who He is. Further, most “churches, and preachers” preach the jesus who will “do for you.”
    Here is Pastor Michael P. Vigilante III dancing to “I’m to sexy” in the exact same clothes, at the exact same place as the “edifying God video” furter notice his hands at the top of his head doing the satanic symbol! “They honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me” “Can both good and bad water, or good and bad fruit come from the same place?!”


  15. I wasn’t trying to defend any of his shenanigans or dancing or anything. I didn’t even care for his whiny pop-ballad style singing or voice. I just thought the song itself – “Mighty to Save” (is that what it’s called?) – had some good lyrics that were well-written and Scripturally sound. I don’t think this fellow even wrote it.


  16. For a moment there I had to check the date,, I was thinking is this a joke or April fool’s or something?


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