Did God sin?

This video portrays why my heart grieves for these precious souls and why Mormonism and Christianity never has and never will be compatible.

Source: GodNeverSinned.com

4 thoughts on “Did God sin?

  1. This is so very sad to watch. Not only because their beliefs about God, but watching the singing of praise to Joseph Smith and chanting in unison, demonstrating the depth of their indoctrination into this cult.


  2. May the One true and living God, the infinite Creator and Judge of the universe utterly obliterate all the abominable, demonic false religions of men from the face of the earth.

    Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

    In Christ,


  3. The question I have is if “God” sinned before he became “God”, then what moral law existed that enabled it to be sin? By definition, if it’s a “sin”, then there was a moral law broken, so there would have to have been a moral law, and therefore a moral lawgiver, so then there would have to be a “God” before the current “God”. If you say there wasn’t a “God yet, and the current “God” wasn’t God yet, then how could he be a sinner if there was no moral law? In fact, how could there be ANY right and wrong? And if no right and wrong, how can you “progress”? The whole theology breaks down.


  4. I have been out in Utah talking to those giving the ones I could the Gospel. And it is so obvious to see their pride of how they think they are some kind of a god and could never stoup to repenting. They have been blinded from youth up. Kinda like I was with the thinking I was given in the Baptist Churches I went to telling me that if just said that prayer God would be obligated to me, yes many a testimony of works of pulling ones self by their own boots straps making them righteous before God. Many a work man has done that changes the truth into a love of self worth.
    Only in you Lord do I find my salvation, only you Lord can make me clean only in your blood can wash me clean, only you Lord can give me life.


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