Quotes (870)

The most terrifying words any professing Christian could ever hear would be the Lord Jesus declaring: “I never knew you, depart from me” (Mat. 7:23). On judgment day those words will be heard by many who once made professions of faith and claimed to be followers of Jesus. Yet very few evangelical leaders appear to be concerned.

– Mike Gendron

2 thoughts on “Quotes (870)

  1. Great reminder that we each are called to examine ourselves to make sure of our calling and standing in Christ. Indeed, far too many “pastors” are focused on giving false assurance to anyone who confesses any belief and any “Jesus” and too few churches have any protections that attempt to insure a regenerate membership.

    The way that leads to destruction enters through a wide gate, is an easy path that is crowded. The way that leads to life eternal enters through a narrow gate, is a hard path that has relatively few travelers. (For those who think otherwise, read the words of God in Matthew 7.)


  2. Great quote, Pilgrim. And great comment as well, Manfred.

    Matt. 7:21-23 is a critical teaching that can’t be over-emphasized. Yet so many seem to ignore it altogether, or is just doesn’t compute in much of today’s mindset.


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