What receiving the Bible in your native tongue for the first time looks like.

Rejoice with me and be greatly encouraged (and deeply convicted) by watching this video of the Kimyal tribe receiving the New Testament in their language for the first time on March 16, 2010.

Quote from the video:

“We [in the West] have no idea. We have had the Word of God for so long. We have taken it for granted. We have resources, we have translations . . . and we don’t cherish it. We don’t realize what a precious gift we have and hold in our hands.”

Find out more about the Kimyal tribe of Indonesia here.

HT: The Gospel Coalition

7 thoughts on “What receiving the Bible in your native tongue for the first time looks like.

  1. I have 8 Bibles at a quick count, after watching this I feel so ashamed for taking God’s Word for granted. The joy in seeing these people receiving the Bible in their own language is not forgotten quickly. I pray it will always bring joy to their hearts, as they learn and grow spiritually and bring many others to the faith. What a blessing!


  2. Most excellent reminder, rebuke, and exhortation! I implore my fellow saints of the living God to consider how we, who have been so privileged, can bless our brothers and sisters in the far corners of the Earth with bread from Heaven. Know that there are several solid ministries that translate and transport the Bible in local languages virtually everywhere. I have been working with http://www.bibleleague.org/ for many years. For $4 a complete Bible in a local language can be put in the hands of a blood-bought child of God in China, India, and many other lands.

    Neglect not the gifts we’ve been given – nor the good we can do.


  3. My husband and I also are involved in a tremendous ministry that provides the ‘audio’ new testament all over the world to especially reach the illiterate!! It is exploding!!! They also make ‘Bible Sticks’ (MP3’s) for the military, etc… check them out, it is so fantastic! The ministry is called ‘Faith Comes by Hearing’


  4. Psalms 119:162
    “I rejoice at Your word
    As one who finds great treasure.”

    This should be our hearts everyday. God forgive us.


  5. What a powerful, poignant reminder of the treasure we have in God’s Word. I’ve been exposed to similar stories recently, as I just attended a Wycliffe Bible Translators event, where I learned that among nearly 7,000 languages on the planet, about 2,000 are still without Bibles in their own language. This is a staggering need. The Kimyal people are some of the more blessed people groups! God is now leading me to eventually join Wycliffe, where I hope to be used by Him in translation work, to spread His Word to every tribe and tongue. I think Bible translation is such an overlooked ministry within the Body of Christ—Bible translators, and the various people who work alongside them, don’t typically get a lot of press, but their work is absolutely vital to spreading the gospel. They are unsung soldiers of the faith. And we need more of them, if those remaining 2,000 or so people groups are to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ in their own language.


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