Doug Phillips on Youth Ministry.

8 thoughts on “Doug Phillips on Youth Ministry.

  1. I agree with this video….however, what is difficult is that there *are* children/youth who come to youth group who do not have Christian parents. Many see this as a way to bring them in to the church and teach them. It’s such a difficult situation….how do you draw youth and children to the church to hear the good news without any sort of children-programs? Also, many parents say they only want to go to a church that has “good children programs”. How can we approach these problems? I would love to hear any thoughts! 🙂


  2. Katy, programs to bring the children in whose parents are not saved should NOT be the target of the church. Those parents ought. But the church should not be advertising itself as a solution to man’s problems – that’s pragmatic as Phillips pointed out. Christ and His gospel must be put forth – and let those who have ears to hear, hear. Those who do not, cannot – though their behavior might be modified so they act like what they are not.


  3. I understand what you mean….it’s just difficult. 😦 I know many youth who have benefited from the youth group. At the same time, I have *no* plans of letting my children be in the youth group, when they are of age.

    I attend a church where the pastor does use the Word and is a Godly man….but he is an advocate of good solid children’s programs…My husband and I have our children sit with us in the church service. But I believe our church is trying to draw people in by having good children’s programs. Is this bad? 😦


  4. Katy, Good on you and yours. My wife and I did the same thing years ago – kept our kids with us when the church encouraged parents to “let the experts” take care of our job. Parents have the God-given role of training up their children. The church does not. To paraphrase one of my elders, my church does not have any such programs because we do not want to give dad any excuse to not do his job. Any children’s program will deliver the message that the church can do the job better than the parents, and tell fathers they can relax. This is bad.


  5. True….but so many parents are unwilling to teach their children how to sit through a church service…and say they will “leave” if there are no children classes during the services. I say “let them leave”…not out of unkindness…but out of the fact that parents are to be in charge of their children and not always look for somewhere for them to “go”. I agree with you whole-heartedly…as this is why we also choose to homeschool our children.


  6. Pilgrim,

    Doug Phillips has lost all credibility since he began selling Rousas John Rushdoony’s material from his Vision Forum catalog. After supporting his ministry for many years, I have come to realize that Phillips’ understanding of what Christians are called to falls into the Dominionist camp and therefore, his ‘teachings’ must be filtered with that understanding.



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