Quotes (899)

  What happened to the God-centered method of evangelism that calls sinners to repent and believe the Gospel? For the last 100 years people have been told to repeat a prayer, come forward, sign a card or get baptized to be saved. Many of them have lived with a false hope because none of these methods are found in God’s Word. . . . Well-meaning Christians who use a man-centered approach to evangelism by manipulating people to make a decision are helping the devil plant tares. They promote easy believism with no call to repentance or discipleship because it produces quick results that people can measure. The unanticipated results of their actions are devastating: God is not glorified, the sinner is not saved, the church is not sanctified and the devil is thrilled and delighted. . . . We must quit seeking quick results and instead glorify God by making disciples and faithfully proclaiming His Word until the sinner asks, “What must I do to be saved?”

– Mike Gendron

One thought on “Quotes (899)

  1. Amen brother! Amen! to add to what you said is not necessary but in the defense of our faith true Christains embrace, in agreement, with your thoughts.


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