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The average American family devotes one-fourth of its spendable income to outside debts. Since 1945, consumer debt in the United States has multiplied thirty-one times. The IRS calculates that the average filer spends ten times more paying off interest on debts than he gives to charitable causes. If all evangelical Christians were out of debt, hundreds of millions of dollars would be freed up for God’s kingdom. Our families would be stronger, because financial pressures caused by indebtedness are major factors in more than half of divorces.

– Randy Alcorn

One thought on “Quotes (902)

  1. Sooooo true!!!
    My husband and I refuse to go into debt. Our only debt is our mortgage and it is being paid off faithfully. 🙂 We may not seem like we have **a lot** in some people’s eyes…but we live with such an abundance here in America…to most in this world, we would seem rich!

    I suppose that seems like a bit of a double negative…saying we “refuse to go into debt” and then immediately saying we have mortgage debt….but we have well over half our mortgage paid off and it *is* a must-have form of debt for us.


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