Mormonism’s Bigfoot.

I recently published an article on one of Mormonism’s wild claims about big, black, hairy Cain still roaming the earth in the post Mormon Prophet Lends Credibility to a Wild Claim. And, of course, the first response that post received from a Mormon apologist was:

The real shame is that it is simply a waste of time as no self-respecting person would really care enough to take the time to right [sic] about such meaningless prattle. Such a pity.

This was an interesting response considering the fact that it was important enough to Mormon President Spencer W. Kimball to write about it in his book The Miracle of Forgiveness. Evidently it’s only prattle when a non-Mormon discusses the matter.

And apparently one Mormon didn’t get the memo because he’s still talking (and writing) about the Cain/Bigfoot (and racism) matter. Blogger Doug Gibson has risked not being self-respecting because he’s been wasting his time by writing about such prattle when he recently published the post Awareness of Racism Eased Mormon Folk Tales Regarding Cain, Bigfoot. According to Gibson’s article, President Kimball wasn’t the only one in Mormon history to report claims of Cain/Bigfoot sightings.

Although some Mormon apologists would have you ignore such “prattle,” I highly encourage you to read Gibson’s article. And be sure to read all the enlightening comments afterward, like this sample from a commenter named Mikeasell:

Here is the deal: the church likes to teach what they call unchanged, revealed doctrine. When said doctrine becomes unpopular and threatens the church financially, the doctrine gets downgraded quickly to a “teaching” or a “guideline”, then a further downgrade to a “practice”, it is then removed from manuals and books (hence why people of different generations heard or did not hear the stories). Then the practice can simply be “discontinued”. They begin with the Lord has said X because Y is a true principle, live by it or go to hell, then they begin saying well we have been taught in the past that X=Y, then they begin with the “we don’t understand, but we are sure there is a mysterious purpose as to X is somewhat related to Y, but it is not for us to question the Lord”, then the blatant downgrade: we no longer “practice X, X practice has been discontinued, it is not really tied with Y”.

The reality is that the LDS church had inclusion criteria based on race. When it became apparent that the NCAA would allow teams like Stanford to avoid playing BYU and therefore the Church was having their non-profit status reviewed by the IRS, then suddenly (within a month) God changed his mind. Same with polygamy, it went from we will die before we give it up, we will break the law cuz God is a higher law, to sending ppl to Mexico to practice it to eventually pretending it really did not happen for that long or that it was because it was just a trial, there were too many men, etc. . . . .It is amazing to me, shocking really, that people are gullible enough to believe that a never changing restored gospel needs changing all the time, and surprisingly to accommodate cultural pressures. I cannot believe that people that believe in prophets can also believe that those prophets can not agree on basic doctrine, to the point that Joseph Smith, if he were to come back, would be excommunicated from the church he founded because of his beliefs and practices.

9 thoughts on “Mormonism’s Bigfoot.

  1. Haha I love the picture
    But whats even more disturbing is people would buy into this nonsense and disregard the beautiful/ perfect word of the Bible that has never changed


  2. I admit I have not read the entire article yet. However, my silly complaint is about anything that has to do with Bigfoot or UFO’s. It’s such a joke to me. The “educational” channels play the same stupid old “photos” of this large, hairy creature crossing a road, and the same dumb UFO sightings and the poor actors who claim they contacted them. Nothing has changed since the Bigfoot movie came out back in the early 70’s. They just keep repeating the same garbage 3 or 4 times a year on TV and people believe it. Now that’s amazing! And then there’s Nostradamas. (however you spell it). I glanced at that channel the other day and it was showing how he predicted 9/11. Too bad they didn’t show that one in 2010! All the while the narrator is saying “What I feel it means is this,,,,,,,,,,,,,” Just like today’s ungodly ministers preaching on what they feel.


  3. When dialoging with Mormons, after a while you realize that when confronted with the teachings of their “prophets,” 99% of the time they begin their defense with, “Well, yeah, but…” If you have to start your defense with “Well, yeah, but…” then you might not have much of a defense.


  4. I’m a “Mormon”. I believe that if there is a bigfoot, than great! I would believe it is Cain, yes, the bible teaches of his curse as a vagabond on the earth. What’s it to you? What’s the bid deal? Are you open-minded enough to believe there is life on other planets of all of God’s endless creations? If so, why are you not open-minded enough to believe Cain’s curse is that he still is roaming on earth?


  5. Jared,
    Cain died long before the Flood, and all his descendants were extinguished by the Flood. So there is no “curse of Cain” except in the minds of Mormons. There is no Scriptural basis for the claim that he still roams the earth.

    Since the earth is the focus of God’s creation, as well as God’s focus of his salvation message, to claim there people on other planets one would first have to find where Scripture mentions it.

    I know Joseph Smith and Brigham Young both claimed, as prophets of God, that there were people living on the moon, and B.Y. even claimed there were people living on the sun. I’d hate to be trusting my salvation to people who made such claims in the name of God!


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