Quotes (911)

   Children are seen as complications, or even obstacles, in the perpetual quest for fun, excitement, and fulfillment. To see this attitude among the ungodly is to be expected. . . . What should alarm us, however, is that Christians are making the same complaint. In reality, these complaints by frazzled mothers worn out by “hyperactive” or “strong-willed” children (an earlier generation would have called them unruly) are merely symptoms of a disease. The root cause of this disease is the rejection of the commands of God: Christian families have brought this affliction upon themselves by following the “empty and deceitful” philosophies of the world. Although most evangelicals pride themselves that they are–unlike the “liberal churches”–true to the Bible, many of these evangelical leaders and authors adhere to the same philosophy of child training as the non-Christian educators and psychologists.

– William & Colleen Dedrick

From: The Little Book of Christian Character & Manners

3 thoughts on “Quotes (911)

  1. Amen and amen! We need to get away from listening to the drivel of people who think in the realm of psychology and back to those who use the Bible as their sole guide for foundational living. And I think we must be careful that we are not listening to those who only use it to further an agenda – such as Bill Gothard, who is not even married, much less has any children of his own that he has raised!


  2. Human psychology is not the biblical standard by which Christians should live. The Bible should be. This is why I reject the teachings of men who try to infuse worldly psychology into the Bible (like James Dobson for example).


  3. Agreed, have no time or respect for James Dobson. I believe he has done a great deal of harm to the family through his pop-psychology that downplays sin and relegates sinful behaviors to illnesses or syndromes that can be “cured” with the help of medicine.


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