Saturday sermon series: “The Gospel Demands Radical Sacrifice” by David Platt.

We continue our Saturday sermon series with the second installment from David Platt’s series Radical which inspired the book by the same name.

This week’s message is The Gospel Demands Radical Sacrifice (you can find last week’s message here).

This sermon series is one of the most sobering and deeply challenging that I’ve ever listened to. I have found it to be incredibly convicting and trust that you will too.

11 thoughts on “Saturday sermon series: “The Gospel Demands Radical Sacrifice” by David Platt.

  1. As I continued listening, about 20 or so minutes in, he made the same analogy between loving his wife and telling her with the right attitude and loving Jesus with all our heart. Hmmm…just so many of the things he says sounds the same as before. I will try listening to it again, sometime. Thank you.


  2. I am ashamed of how feeble my faith is. Please pray for me. I am addicted to comfort, convenience, security…the world. God alone can deliver me from my unbelief and complacency.


  3. Be careful out there – one ought to be very cautious about any book or author or speaker who quickly captures the attention of thousands. Two well balanced reviews of his book, showing where Platt’s lack of balance (which is inherent in his self-styled “radical” approach), should be somewhat helpful.

    FYI, here’s a book that examines the social justice cry from the young and restless and causes the reader to examine the Word of God to see what our Creator and Judge had to say about the topic:,+Shalom,+and+the+Great+Commission+%28Paperback%29

    Blessings in Christ to the called. For the glory of God and the good of His people – He alone is perfect, none of us can keep ourselves.


  4. My caution has been up and my ears perked to what is being said. I am very aware of the social justice issues that plaque our society (as I had mentioned in the first post of this series) and am listening clearly.
    However, I do hear what Platt is saying…and I feel it is from a true and sincere heart….biblically, we *are* called to give….and radically so. I am listening to each of his messages (as I do any preacher) with caution and discernment. I take what he says and then I measure it against scripture. Even if he is off….things he has said have reinforced what my heart has been feeling for years….simplify and give more!!!! 🙂
    I always appreciate your thoughts on the posts, Manfred. I look forward to hearing your views! I am going to take a look at the links you posted, although I had already seen the one from sola sisters. :o)

    Oh! I also wanted to say that I have been listening to Paul Washer’s sermons on spreading the gospel (through missions and just where we are) and it helps balance it all out for me. I desire to give and help those in need and share with them the true message of Jesus Christ. :o)


  5. I think if David Platt were part of “the in crowd” of reformed preachers nobody would be questioning these sermons. I saw the sola sisters link and was not impressed biblically speaking. I could go through scripture and show the carnality and falsehood contained at that link, especially the comments, but I cannot do the same with Platts messages. After listening to both of these messages by Platt there is absolutely nothing unbiblical in what he has said. If I wanted to go in with a pre-supposition and poke holes at it I could, just as anyone with basic high school debate skills could to any message.

    While I agree with Manfred that we should be careful when something “quickly captures the attention of thousands” let me remind everyone that Paul Washers shocking youth message and Ray Comforts WOTM both did the same. To be fair though, this is all I have ever heard from him so I will judge his words against the whole council of the word of God as always.

    Saying all that, I listened to this second message and was much convicted. I am going to listen to it again with my wife and see what the Lord would have for us. Thanks for posting Pilgrim, much needed here in christian disneyland (america).

    In Christ -Jim


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