Quotes (919)

The Puritan/Presbyterian wing of the Reformation accomplished a purity in worship not seen since the apostolic church. This purity was attained by making the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments the only infallible standard and authority in determining worship ordinances. Any ordinances solely based on church tradition or man’s authority were discarded. However, this purity attained by our spiritual forefathers has, with the passage of time, been cast aside. Pragmatism, tradition and human opinion are exalted in determining how God’s people are to worship Him. The attitude among many in church leadership positions is to give the people what they want, rather than to submit to God’s divine revelation. . . . . God has set down in Scripture how He is to be worshiped. Man is not to add to or detract from what God says. . . . .

Brian Schwertley

2 thoughts on “Quotes (919)

  1. While I have great respect for Brian Schwertley and many other Presbyterian Reformed brethren, I do grow weary of them speaking as if the ONLY reformers worth mention were the Magisterial bunch – as if the Radical Reformers did not exist. Each side had error that must be guarded against, hence the call for Sempre Reformanda! If you value the connected but autonomous local assembly, thank the Radicals. If you agree credo-baptism is biblical, thank the Radicals. If you think the state has no place in punishing heresies and blasphemy and other sins against God (the first table of the Law), thank the Radicals.

    With that out of the way, amen and amen – we should strive to have our worship of God line up with what He has revealed to us; not what our flesh would like to experience.


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