“The more I studied the more evidence of a cover-up I discovered.”

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post (found here), and as a testament to the legacy of Joseph Smith (who was born 206 years ago today), I wanted to direct your attention to the resignation letter of former LDS stake bishop, Steve Bloor.

Here is an excerpt:

“I didn’t realise for instance that Joseph Smith practised polygamy, and was married to 33 women, most under the age of 20, one as young as 14. That some of Joseph’s wives were already married to other men when he married them; a practice called polyandry. All of these facts can be confirmed by a simple look at the church’s own website, familysearch.org. . . . There are many other issues, like; there are several accounts of the First Vision and Joseph Smith’s initial personal journal entry about the First Vision didn’t include seeing God the Father and Jesus Christ, but an angel. Then over the years the story got embellished till it changed to what we have today. Yet I was told it was the most momentous event to occur in this dispensation. Why didn’t Joseph initially record it correctly?  And there are so many other things that have just dissolved my faith to the point I can no longer bear a testimony of the truthfulness of this church or even God. Can you imagine how I now feel? It’s like my whole world is crumbling around me. I no longer know what I believe, or who I can trust. I don’t even know who I am, it is a most frightening experience. At the moment it feels like a death in the family. My death!”

3 thoughts on ““The more I studied the more evidence of a cover-up I discovered.”

  1. Spiritual abuse, whether inflicted by an LDS or SDA system of religion, are akin to a divorce or death in the family when fully exposed. Obviously, those who got burned once don’t want to get burned yet again. Indeed, those who are intent upon accurate answers will no longer remain in a toxic-faith system. It is most encouraging that our awesome, sovereign God is calling ever-increasing numbers of cult members into biblical Christianity. Soli Deo Gloria!

    A former SDA minister,

    Dennis J. Fischer
    Blog: http://notesfromdennisfischer.blogspot.com


  2. The sad thing is when people know that they are being lied to in church it destroys them to a point where they feel as no God could exist. I applaud him in finding the truth and will pray that he will continue in search for the Truth.


  3. Agreed, Ebony. I think that is what happened with Bloor, at least that’s what I gather from his other posts. Reading his resignation letter is heartbreaking enough, but just as heartbreaking is that he’s currently an atheist. I’m happy he had the intellectual honesty to come to an accurate conclusion based upon the evidence, but I pray he’ll be open to further evidences that go beyond where he’s settled. One religion being demonstrably fabricated does not mean all have been. *sigh*


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