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Mormons do not take criticism of their faith lightly; sadly, many [of them] have followed the path of our culture in assuming that disagreement is akin to bigotry.

– Bill McKeever

4 thoughts on “Quotes (931)

  1. As a person who has lived in Utah and interacted with MANY Mormons, I would assert that criticizing their false religion is a badge of honor to them. After all, they believe (erroneously) they are the one, true church on earth; having the “restored gospel,” and they, when criticized (or even questioned sometimes) construe it as “persecution.” They are brainwashed into to believing that, since they’re being persecuted, well, “we MUST be the true church.”

    Sad cult.



  2. This reminds me, Chris Rosebrough played an amazing lecture on the March 1 episode of Fighting for the Faith: Walter Martin’s “Maze of Mormonism.” In the lecture, Martin gets to the heart of the issue: that the Jesus of Mormonism is not the Jesus of historic Christianity.


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