It’s NOT official!

Too true . . . too funny. A classic.

8 thoughts on “It’s NOT official!

  1. So similar to the Roman Catholic watchdogs who deny the veracity of any report documenting worship of relics and idols, then backs off when the evidence is unassailable and retreat to the corner of, “That’s not official Church teaching!” So it has been for centuries.

    May God have mercy on people trapped in both cults.


  2. This video aptly depicts another nineteenth-century American cult; namely, Seventh-day Adventism. Obviously, Ellen White and Joseph Smith had the same angel guide.

    Dennis Fischer
    Lincoln, Nebraska USA


  3. Moving the goalpost..

    It just goes to show that many of them don’t really care to know the truth they just want to believe what they want to believe.


  4. Mandred
    Sooooo true about catholic apologetics. Being an ex-catholic, this is 100% true… “not official teaching”.


  5. Having lived in Utah, I’ve heard many of my neighbors, coworkers, and friends who are Mormon say those exact words to me when I would question their jello-like doctrines. I used to be more “apologetic” in my approach to the people of the LDS cult, but found that, in general, they didn’t really care (or want to hear) about my Christian beliefs. They were much more concerned about teaching me their version of their organization’s “restored” gospel. I also found them to, by and large, have the same religious vocabulary as I did, just a different dictionary, as it were.

    I have a very soft spot in my heart for Mormons. They are hard-working people with whom I share a lot in common…politically, family-values, etc., and they most certainly are sincere in their false religion, but they are also sincerely lost. Mormonism, to me, must be like a hamster on its wheel – just run, and run, and do, and do, and run, and run…..all to earn grace. Did you get that? Earn grace? Yes, that’s their view of grace. They have to do works to earn it.

    Such a sad, enslaving, damning cult.
    My heart breaks for these people, and I pray for them with constancy.
    Yet, they continue to reject the God of the Bible, His Son, and His saving grace.




  6. Good point, Linda, about cults moving the goalpost as a moving target. Indeed, cults are very arrogant in their supposed superior religious knowledge that others could only wish to have. Sadly and regrettably, I know this euphoric feeling firsthand from personal experience as a former Seventh-day Adventist minister. It is important to realize that we cannot argue people into salvation. It is a gift from God 100 percent. In the case of Adventism, they like to quickly jump to another passage if they cannot defend the one presented to them or if they feel the least bit persecuted. It is nearly impossible to get them to even try to research a passage that contradicts their belief system. They simply ignore a lot of Scripture with their cognitive dissonance. Many people like to believe what they prefer to be true.

    Here is an excellent website on Mormonism: .

    Dennis Fischer


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