Joel Osteen and (Mormon) Mitt Romney believe in the same Jesus?

Toward the end of this video Joel Osteen says that he’s heard that Mormon presidential candidate Mitt Romney “believes in Jesus as his savior just like I do.”

This is inevitable result of having absolutely no doctrinal foundation other than “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.”

When you place so little value on understanding doctrine (the very thing that defines who Jesus is) and instead spend so much time trying to live your best life now and becoming a better you, the line between truth and error become so blurred that black and white becomes gray, and countless souls perish because of it.

5 thoughts on “Joel Osteen and (Mormon) Mitt Romney believe in the same Jesus?

  1. Sad thing about Joel Osteen and Mitt Romney is that neither, argueably believe in the real Lord Jesus Christ, and both will realize, unless they are converted, that THIS (today) is their “Best Life Now.”



  2. We’ve seen this numerous times from Osteen saying that Mormons believe in the same Jesus as Christians. Sadly he influences so many people. He certainly ins’t an authority on good Biblical doctrine. He isn’t a good authority on presidential candidates either. I won’t be making my voting decision based on Osteen’s opinion of the candidates faith and salvation.


  3. oh wow, oh wow…then Osteen must also believe that Satan was the brother of Jesus who had to do what he did in oder for Jesus to do what he did? I think not. Christians better do some research!!!!

    HAAAAAAA – I JUST NOW noticed the wolf in your blog picture…oh, my. What a lesson to me!


  4. Osteen is nothing but another rank heretic sucking the money from the gullible people who follow him. This is an old video, but he continues to say Romney is a Christian. Unfortunately, too many Christians have no clue about what Mormons really teach and believe.


  5. I seriously think that Joel should attend my 10 year old daughters Sunday school class so he can get an understanding of Biblical truth.


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