Please Pray for Michael

When I am not busy working, raising my family or blogging, God allows me to share the gospel with people in evangelistic endeavors. One such effort was inspired by Tony Miano of Living Waters (who has recently been blogged about here and here). In the picture you see here, I constructed a cross with the words “Are You Ready?” on it. The original intent of Mr. Miano had been to use such a cross in his town as yet another tool to share the gospel. Many other evangelists, including myself, made similar crosses and a small but growing group has been taking the gospel to the streets in this unique manner. But the point of this article is not to brag on our evangelism technique.

Meet Michael. He is the point of this article. I met Michael today on a street corner in my home town where I was out with the cross trying to evangelize. As you can see, Michael spends a lot of time walking the roads and sleeping in the outdoors. When I saw Michael walking down the street towards me, I prepared to hand him a gospel tract, but I doubted he would be willing to stop and talk with me. I was quite surprised when he stopped directly in front of me and asked “Are you a crosswalker?” I explained to him that I was attempting to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people. What followed next was a half hour conversation where Michael explained he had become disillusioned with the “physical processes of life” and was looking to determine if he was something more than a biological machine that simply existed for itself and then died.

I was blessed to be able to share with Michael that he had been created for God’s glory. That because of his sin, Michael stood guilty before God and would be condemned to Hell. Yet, God in His mercy, poured His wrath out on Jesus Christ so that the righteous law of God could be satisfied. I explained that through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, Michael could receive salvation and spend eternity with the God who created him. I explained that God created him so that God Himself could be glorified by redeeming him out of his sinful state. While Michael did not immediately repent and place his faith in Christ, he stated he was very glad to hear that redemption was possible.

After talking for a half hour, Michael and I had to part ways. It was such a blessing to talk with Michael. It was a reminder of how desperately the world needs to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, that forgiveness is indeed available to wretched and vile sinners. So often we get caught up in discerning false religions and teachers, or we get caught up in the political machinations of the government to shut down the church’s influence, or even in discussing the watering down of the Word that is going on in evangelicalism. And while those can be worthwhile endeavors, the first and primary effort of every Christian is to share the gospel. The souls of people like Michael depend on our daily obedience to the command of Christ to go forth and preach the gospel to every creature. Let us not fail in this, but let us make every possible effort to share gospel with people so that souls might be saved.

Please pray for Michael. Pray that God would keep him safe as he continues to walk the roads and pray that God would lead him to true repentance and faith. Pray that we will one day meet Michael in Heaven.

9 thoughts on “Please Pray for Michael

  1. I will be praying for Michael! Love to see God working through you!! 🙂

    And may I ask a question..? I don’t mean it to be demeaning at all…but do you ever find that carrying the cross (or even just trying to talk to people) actually turns people away? As a Christian, I am leary of those out preaching on the streets because many can be quite odd. I don’t mean that you are…at all…I just wondered. I am ashamed to say that I don’t know that I could do what you do (in that way). Does it make you nervous?


  2. Katy – To answer the first part of your question, the idea of it turning people away, I do not worry about it. The reason is that the preaching of the cross is an offense in itself. If I am faithfully and biblically preaching the law and the gospel, you can guarantee that people will turn away. So, provided I am not going out of my way to be offensive, such as Mr. Lyman who has been documented on here, then the only thing that can turn them away is their own sinfulness.

    As far as those who are on the streets that come across as “odd,” there certainly are a great many so-called street preachers who abuse the word of God for their own gain. However a terrible a blight they are for the cause of Christ, we cannot allow them to drive true preachers from the public square.


  3. Wonderful post!! We have a team out every week (L.A. area) to bring the gospel to the lost. The WOTM is a wonderful way to open the heart of those that need the savior!
    I recently had a long and moving conversation with a fellow named Dennis. We too parted ways with no repentance but I know his heart was touched and God willing he along with Michael will come to faith! Let’s all make it a point to keep them in pryer!


  4. Dear Chris,
    Grace and peace in Christ Jesus! Thanks for the wonderful reminder to not only protect the living temple of our Holy God, but to keep adding the precious stones that were cut and hewned before the foundation of the world.

    Blessings to your fishing for men to the glory of God!! In Christ alone, charisse


  5. Thanks for sharing Chris, and for seeking prayer for this dear soul. I shudder to think of all the times I could have shared the Gospel, but was too focused on a temporal matter at the time, and missed the opportunity that God provided. So many people perishing in their sins, so little time.


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