Tony Miano’s “Cross Encounters” is now on Blog Talk Radio

The confused looking man in the picture is your’s truly as I maintained the call screen switchboard for Tony Miano’s new Internet radio program, “Cross Encounters.” We have written about Mr. Miano, who authors a blog by the same “Cross Encounters” name, previously on this site, and I must say it is an honor and a privilege to work with him on this new endeavor.

I met Tony three years ago via Living Waters evangelism training program. We had previously talked online due to my seeking him out because of our mutual backgrounds and my desire to learn a truly biblical presentation of the gospel. Tony was instrumental in bringing me to the Ambassadors’ Academy, a three day intensive training program for street evangelists. And while that program is no longer in operation, many street evangelists can thank Tony Miano directly for his passion, his determination and his devotion to biblical evangelism which he has passed on to them. I count myself blessed to consider him a mentor and friend.

Recently, due to the poor economic times, Living Waters had to lay off several employees and Tony was one of those among them. While this was truly sad for all involved, Tony has not ceased his efforts to continue preaching the gospel and encouraging others to do the same. By God’s grace, Tony was able to be part of an evangelism effort in London during the Olympic Games, from which he just recently returned. Additionally, he has started an internet radio program called “Cross Encounters,” of which he says, “Cross Encounters Radio will air every Sunday evening, 6-8 PM (PST). The show will focus on the glorification of Christ and the proclamation of His gospel. We will tackle current events and ongoing social issues through the lens of a Christian worldview. We will have guests on the program: authors, bloggers, apologists, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and whoever else we think would help Christians to grow in their love for Christ and the knowledge of His Word. We won’t shy away from hot-button topics, whether they are social or theological. And false teachers will not find our program a safe place to hide. We won’t allow any elephants in the room.”

I was humbled and blessed, and a bit shocked, when Tony extended an invite (more like a very less than subtle hint) for me to join him as the official “sidekick” on this program. After about 5 seconds of thought (can you tell this was a difficult decision) I enthusiastically accepted. As I was not near my house when this happened, there was a bit of logistics involved (part of which involved borrowing my dad’s office for two hours). Additionally, I had to learn the switchboard so I could screen calls and monitor the chat room. Thankfully, Blog Talk Radio makes these fairly user friendly!

During our first program, Tony and fellow evangelist, Bobby McCreery, discussed the recent Olympics outreach, they played audio clips in which they talked with YWAM members in London who were not preaching a true gospel message, as well as one of Tony’s open air messages, and took calls from listeners. We had over two hundred listeners for our first program and are thrilled at some of the responses. I encourage you to listen in live, or even download the weekly podcasts to listen to and share. Please help us to make this program a blessing to the Lord and to reach people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

15 thoughts on “Tony Miano’s “Cross Encounters” is now on Blog Talk Radio

  1. Can I ask, in what way were YWAM not preaching the gospel message? I’m curious as our church (of which I am barely part) is having a speaker from next week. We also have ties with YWAM elsewhere,and it’s not the first time I’ve seen them mentioned in this context. Thanks.


  2. As I understand from Tony’s audio clip, they were relying on their interpretive dance routine to attract people and help the “worship” Jesus (which they cannot do unless they are already born again). They did not wish to preach on God’s hatred of sin or of His judgment upon people. They desired to overemphasize God’s love and preach that He has “a wonderful plan” for their lives, which simply is not biblical.


  3. Excellent. I’ve done some digging myself, I’ve got friends who work with YWAM, and we’ve got a main London guy coming to our church… Like I said, I’m barely part – I’ve yet to hear a full, 100% biblical gospel, only the God loves you gospel, very much like your last sentence. Our last sermon was an encouragement to be a ‘history maker, full of purpose’. Made me cringe.

    Gladly listen to more, love the site, been reading since Feb this year. Blessings.


  4. I was not aware of this YWAM organisation but as i spent a few years in the occult before i was saved i can recognise the eye of horus in their logo immediatley, just invert it. They also brag about having a worker carry the pagan olympic torch. ” “It was an honor to be able to carry the Olympic flame,” said James, speaking after the run. Not just the implications of being a part of the relay and festivities, but because I believe the Torch is a representation of hope and restoration. For me, it was symbolic of God’s heart to see those things among the nations, and confirmation that I can be a part of carrying it to the world. The poor guy has been brainwashed by the doctrines of devils, the torch is pagan and represents Lucifer the light bearer, Prometheus and Zeus(Satan) not God This guy will be easy pickings for the antichrist and his false prophet when he comes to “restore the world with love, unity and peace”
    The girl in this video makes a very worring faith statement at 2:05 too.


  5. Re: the video:
    WOW! You get to travel and takes “teams” to different places and skate parks, etc.! It makes you a better speaker, singer, etc! It seems that YWAM has enriched their social life to the brim. Didn’t hear one of them mention Christ crucified and thankfulness for his hand of protection and mercy.


  6. Thanks, well observed Julie, it seems the same subtle message from the “new age” christians being led astray by false prophets, hiding a luciferian doctrine of self worth,ambition, leadership, the world and conforming to it’s values and not dying to the world and being reborn with our Lord and Savior Jesus christ. How we are saved by his blood and faith, what he has done for us, sin and coming judgment, the wrath of God and the fall all not talked about. This worldwide group even have missions in China (much like the alpha course) where infact real bible believing christians, who are forced to go underground in home churches are sentenced and percecuted. It’s very telling that the authorities there allow organised false christianity but come down hard on the real thing.


  7. Spent time with Tony and the crew in London with my wife Jo, it was very cool. Just for the record I want to say sorry to Tony for distracting the three drunk teenage hecklers who were doing such a great job mocking his preaching.


  8. I have never been accused of being overly bright, but I couldn’t find the program on iTunes. Am I missing it or is it not yet active? I am looking forward to checking it out.


  9. Listened Sun. evening. Enjoyed the guests and those who called.
    Blessings my brother during this “new season” of life!


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