Thinking About Free Will

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4 thoughts on “Thinking About Free Will

  1. He did not address the problem of evil, unless I missed that, and I think any small discussion of free will must include this.


  2. Because he seem to say that man does not have in any real sense, free will. But, it seems to me that we do. Thats where evil has its source: In the pristine environment of Heaven, Lucifer had his fall. In the pristine environment of the garden, man had a similar fall, all based on their respective choice. Otherwise, I would be interested in how evil came about.?
    We still make choices every day. that is not limited by ability, (walking thru a wall) but very real ethical and moral choices that not only impact our lives, but have far reaching consequences to those around us as well as our relationship to our Father.


  3. Keith, McClarty described the difference between “apparent free will” (which all humans have) and “libertine free will” (which no man has). Man can freely choose to do that which is within his nature to do. Unregenerate man is dead, spiritually, and can not will to do anything good.

    The concept of original sin and its impact on our will is too large a topic to be incorporated into this 22 minute video. I do agree that a proper understanding of that is important.


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