“Evolution vs. God” by Ray Comfort

Evolution_vs._God You may have heard the rumblings on the internet that atheists are aghast at Ray Comfort’s newest film, Evolution vs. God. Their weeping and gnashing of teeth comes with good reason for Ray kicks out the legs of their worldview with one simple question, “Can you show me evidence for Darwinian evolution that I do not have to accept by faith?” This film takes professing evolutionary experts and their students to task by causing them to admit that the evolutionary theory is not provable by operational science. It demonstrates that evolutionary theory, at its heart, is really nothing more than a concerted effort to cause man to reject the knowledge of God that he already has so that he may pursue the sinful desires of his flesh. I highly encourage DefCon readers to take the time to watch this film, then go to www.evolutionvsgod.com and help support getting this film into the hands of university students across the country.

7 thoughts on ““Evolution vs. God” by Ray Comfort

  1. The best comment in my opinion comes from the UCLA Professor when she exclaims she can teach anything she wants to teach at UCLA!


    This video is a powerful reminder just how enslaved we can become to the weakness of our mind and without the Spirit of Truth by God’s promises there would be no hope or argument against this falsehood.

    It was a joy to watch it!


  2. Yes sir – presuppositional apologetics up front, Gospel following. Great example of proper evangelism. Evidential apologetics puts God on trial by unbelievers, asking them to pass judgment on evidence. What Ray demonstrated is that Christians are the only folk whose psychology is not built on contradictions.


  3. Terrific stuff, good apologetics cannot be denied as a good thing. Love Ray Comfort and his message. Stay bold my brothers!



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