“Not One Iote or One Title…”

“Not One Iote or One Title…”: A Plea for Original Spelling by John Bookman [Pseudo.]

[Attention–this is a SATIRE] KING-JAMES-ONLY-115396838242

by Doug Kutilek


Just days ago, I realized that we have not gone far enough in insisting that the Bible be preserved unchanged “in the form God intended for us to have.” Of course, I speak of the infallible, inerrant, verbally-inspired and unalterably preserved English Bible, the Authorized Version (AV 1611), “the Bible God uses and Satan hates.” Sure, there are lots of zealous defenders who have shielded it from the corruptions of such heinous translations as the NIV, the NASB and that most sinister NKJB, and have kept us from returning to the now-completely-unnecessary Hebrew and Greek. But while they kept their watch on one front, the Enemy has come in unawares by another route and sown seeds of corruption that have, I fear, already yielded a corrupt harvest.

What am I getting at? Simply this: we have insisted on the verbal inspiration of the English, that is, that the very English words were divinely chosen and given to the Learned Men. But simply insisting on the perfection of the English words and preserving the words is not enough. A careful consideration of the true intent and meaning of the words of Matthew 5:18 is necessary: “Till heauen and earth passe, one iote or one title, shall in no wise passe from the law, till all be fulfilled.” (I have made no mistake in my spelling, as I shall shortly explain). Notice how Jesus insisted on the verbal inspiration, not just of the words, but also of the very letters of the words of Scripture. And since this verse is a specific promise of the preservation of Scripture in our infallible English Bible, we must insist on following, not just the original KJV words but also their very spelling. What other meaning can we draw out of the words “one iote or one title”? Every letter–the very spelling–is certainly inspired, and to alter the spelling of a single word, to alter even a single letter in a single word, is to deny and reject the inspiration of the AV 1611. If God had wanted us to spell the words in the AV 1611 different in our Bibles, He would have given them to us in that form originally. Modern spelling is as hideous and hateful a thing as modern translations. Its new age corruption, pure and simple. No one was ever authorized to corrupt, to “modernize” the infallible original spelling. There are eight spelling corruptions in John 3:16 alone!!!

I’m sure some “liberal” soul will say, “What difference does spelling make?” Argue it out with Jesus, brother! Didn’t He say that inspiration of the words included the very spelling, every iote, not just the words? Will you reject the teaching of Matthew 5:18 of letter/spelling inspiration of our preserved AV 1611? To stop at “word inspiration” and not insist on spelling inspiration is to be second cousin to mere “thought inspiration.” It is creeping apostasy, through and through. Next someone will deny the inspiration of the chapter and verse numberings in the AV 1611. Where will it stop?

And I think we must recognize that Jesus’ infallible English word was “title” and not the now-corrupted “tittle.” A tittle is part of the ornamentation of a Hebrew letter (at least that’s what I’ve heard at Fellowship meetings, so I have assurance that it’s right). But a title is something else. I have complete confidence that this promise of Jesus was a specific reference to the preservation of the chapter and page headings, the titles found in the original AV 1611. Sadly, those infallible titles, attached by the Learned Men under divine inspiration at the top of each page and at the beginning of each chapter have been removed from our modern editions. Without them, we cannot claim that we have a perfectly preserved Bible, and by allowing them to be removed, we have called God a liar, and denied that He is able to preserve the inspired English Bible He has given us.

It is no secret that none of the commonly used English Bibles published in our day have the original AV 1611 spelling, or punctuation (that, too, is part of our directly inspired, infallible English Bible) or titles of which Jesus spoke, so in reality, these Bibles, even though they say “King James Version” or “Authorized Version” are really not Bibles at all. Only the Nelson reprint of the original 1611 AV is a real Bible; all the others are sinister corruptions.

And there is growing upon me the deep conviction, as deep as anything I’ve written in this article, that no English-speaking person can be saved if he was not saved by an original, unaltered AV 1611, with original spelling, original punctuation, and original chapter and page titles. This simply means that anyone who thought he was saved by reading a revised “KJV” or by hearing a sermon from such a “Bible” or by reading a Gospel tract that quoted the words in a revised spelling form, even if it was labelled “KJV” is not really saved, has never been saved, and never will be saved until he gets a true, fully-preserved AV 1611. That will mean that virtually all those who thought they were saved–preachers, deacons and all–will have to go back and get truly saved through a real AV 1611, then get rebaptized. Verbal inspiration of the English requires inspiration of the very spelling as well. Anything less is rank modernism.

I will confess to one further worry: original type style. The real AV 1611 was printed in what printers call “black letter,” a very ornate type style much like Gothic script, which is still used many times for the banner at the top of the front page of newspapers. This original type style was replaced with “Roman” type sometime in the 18th century. Note that name: Roman. I fear that once again, the Jesuits have conspired to corrupt the pure word in English. They have taken away the original Gothic (and as everyone knows, the Gothic Bible used the textus receptus for its foundation which proves with certainty that the Gothic was the correct script for a real Bible), and have substituted the corrupt Roman script. In a real sense, even the KJV has become a Roman Bible, since its modern editions use Roman script and not the original black letter. As further proof that Roman type is a corruption, notice that all these apostate Bibles–the ERV, ASV, NASB, NIV, NKJB, and the rest, have always been printed in Roman type. That’s proof enough to me that any Bible in Roman type is no Bible at all, and that only a Bible with the original script, the black letter, given to us in the form we should have it by the Learned Men, is a true Bible. Perhaps even those saved by the true original spelling KJV are not saved at all, and must locate a black letter edition. The Roman script Nelson reprint may not be enough (it’s just like those Bible corrupters at Thomas Nelson to pass off a Roman script KJV as though it were a real Bible!). Fortunately for me, my brother has a facsimile reprint in the original black letter of the AV 1611, and I’m secure since I’ve studied out of it several times.

It is a desperate situation. The shortage of black letter, original spelling AV 1611 Bibles is severe. There is truly a famine of the preserved word of God in the land. And all our efforts at preaching, teaching, Bible study, and soul winning are completely futile until we return to the real, unaltered, perfectly preserved bonafide AV 1611. Perhaps the best thing to do for the present is to send off and buy one of those pages from an original KJV, and if you can get a page that has a salvation verse, or part of the “Romans road,” perhaps there will be enough of the Gospel in the true preserved English to rescue your soul.

[As a service to the reader, so he can be saved through a real AV 1611, I will quote John 3:16; unfortunately, I have no capacity to reproduce the original black letter script, so even believing the unrevised spelling may not be enough, but we can hope for the best:

For God so loued ye world, that he gaue his only begotten Sonne: that whosoeuer beleeueth in him, should not perish, but haue euerlasting life.

And just today, I came to understand that the only proper format for any Bible is in scroll form (or at least loose-leaf), since the Apostle assures us that “the word of God is not bound.” Therefore any book that is bound, regardless of its printed contents, cannot honestly be said to be the word of God. I’m sure the inspired 1611 translators never intended for their translation to come sown and within leather covers. Such would be a travesty, in light of the Apostle’s clear and plain teaching.

I’ve begun the systematic unstitching of all my sewn Bibles so that they can qualify, according to Paul’s definition, as the word of God. I urge you to do the same.

23 thoughts on ““Not One Iote or One Title…”

  1. I love the satire, after dealing with some KJV only people you’ve done a great job of exposing their foolishness. Thank you, I’m saving this one. Now, back to my NKJV and greek New Testament.


  2. These controversies are precisely why I am a GBO!!! Not to mention a PDFRC!!!
    (Geneva Bible Only)
    (Pre-denominational Free Range Christian)


  3. These controversies are precisely why I am a GBO!!! Not to mention a PDFRC!!!
    (Geneva Bible Only)
    (Pre-denominational Free Range Christian)

    I think all KJV only brethren owe it to themselves to look at how Geneva was outlawed by your majesty and start really question why. On a lighter note, are you independent free range or of the order of southern free range presbyters?


  4. Mickey Merrie – Since no translation of the Bible is inerrant, it is not very wise to limit one’s self to only one translation. The Geneva Bible is a good one and I agree that far too many KJV-only types know little or nothing about the construction or motives behind its publication.

    I am a true Baptist (a particular, not general one), meaning a part of no denomination.


  5. What does thou meanest by labeling what the Lord planted as Baptist, Manfred? 🙂

    I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, a Christian, as those who sought to malign the Way, chose to call us. I claim no flavor of doctrine, but that which was once given to all the saints via the Apostles. There is only one line of Apostolic succession, and it is the Holy Spirit. It isn’t Calvin, and it isn’t a denominational name…in my opinion! 🙂

    Thus the name pre-Baptist! The label is only cause for thought, brother!


  6. Mickey Merrie – I agree that Calvin (nor any other man) is NOT to be followed. I dare say you DO favor some flavor of doctrine, as each saint who reads God’s Word concludes some things which constitute doctrine. By this means I am a Baptist – one who holds to the autonomy of the local church, liberty of conscience, the authority of Scripture, and the two ordinances given the church.

    By calling yourself a pre-baptist, are you not identifying as a Baptist except in name?

    I do not consider Baptist to be a denomination. Those within the SBC are misguided and trying to turn that group into a denomination. I do not identify with the SBC.

    We ought to provoke one another to think biblically – you are helpful in that regard. Blessings in Christ, my brother.


  7. Clever witty artful use of absurdum ad nauseum ab infinitum.
    Only wish I could print this. I hit print preview only to see a blank page.


  8. TI
    copy then paste in an email and also try word or word pad. Only highlight the areas you want or you might get 50 pages. Then print from those platforms. You can even email the words to yourself then print.
    I don’t label me! 🙂
    Those who do, call me things like, reformed, reforming (?), Baptistic, Spirit Filled, ETC. Also, off the deep end, confused, hurting…LOL

    I am most comfortable fellowshipping with folks who love the Lord as laid out in scripture FIRST, their spouse and family second, the fellowship of the saints third-regardless of where He gathers us. And all others before themselves. Those who hate their flesh and are full bible and not fool gospel (pun intended) and understand that it is all of Him from Him for Him by Him through Him and to Him and all glory due Him…understanding that phrases like, “…And I give Him all the glory!” really makes no sense, since it is all His glory already, and I have no glory to give! Yet He IS my Glory! Folks who have eyes to see and ears to hear, and can understand what is literal in scripture and what is allegory, and they don’t reverse them! LOL

    Folks who hate what He hates and love what He loves. Rejecting those who, like their father take partial scriptures out of context to make their point. Rejecting also those who judge the Word by their experiences rather than their experiences by the Word. And those who are always looking for a sign or wonder rather than His Will.

    I particularly like those who have and exercise their Spiritual Giftings while FIRST manifesting actual SPIRITUAL FRUIT! They have no Holy Spirit tool belt nor pull their “gifts” like a gun slinger or the Lady in the John Wayne movie who kept pulling her “lawyer Dagget” like a hogs leg… 🙂

    Folks who are teachable from scripture as they are able to teach from scripture and recognize that while we yet see through a glass dimly, that this is no excuse for sin, nor a license to sin either! Further, they recognize that apart from His Sovereign Grace and for His Glory alone we were made alive by the Holy Spirit unto eternal life in Christ Jesus, yet being declared not guilty, fully realize that it doesn’t mean we are innocent. That we deserve hell just as much as those who remain reprobate and thus can relate to them as equal not better. Thus we are able to share His Good News allowing the Holy Spirit to be the Holy Spirit and watching for the reprobate we share with to be made alive also.

    Lastly, for now, that we deserve no better flesh life than those of the early church, and in fact should see our lives in light of theirs as they walked the teachings of Christ Jesus our Lord!

    I guess that’s why I like you Manfred, as well as most of the other contributors here at Def Con.

    Now that is an Independence yet total dependence that is worth celebrating today!

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  9. Thanks, Merry Mickey. We had a good day at church today – teaching on biblical love in Sunday School and final sermon from Jude during worship. No mention of country, etc.

    T.T. Miller – I have this wonderful article in nicely formatted pdf file. Drop me a note if you would like me to send that to you.


  10. The Bible (the Word of God) appears to us in whatever language and is written, spoken and does exactly what was intended for it to do. The Bible was never intended to be a comprehensive text book on all science, math and history complete with detailed maps on where you can go dig up the proof. The Bible’s purpose is to reveal the program. It reveals the nature and character of God. It incurs faith in the listener. It reveals each listeners heart before God. Funny how the Word divides even believers and non believers alike against each other while using the exact same scriptures to back it up…..lol…. Nonetheless, God alone can see the judge the heart and the Bible reveals that heart before God and to it’s owner.


  11. The Bible appears to us in many languages and is written as to do exactly what it was intended to do. The Bible was not written to be a complete comprehensive text book on all sciences, arts, histories and detailed maps on where you can go dig up all the proof so you will be convinced. The Bible reveals the Designers Program and simultaneously reveals the heart of every listener before God. We can fool each other but God sees the heart of every man. It is interesting to note that many people have endless arguments and have such diverse opinions about scriptural interpretation and yet will use the exact same verses to argue and support their opposing views, nearly coming to blows over which is the correct interpretation. God doesn’t care about our “less than a hundred year old” understanding of modern science and history and what we call facts which are ever changing due to increasing knowledge. The Bible incurs “faith” in the listener which is all that ever pleased God anyway.


  12. Hi Steven,

    Different interpretations do matter immensely, since Scripture has precisely one meaning, although applications may vary.

    Also it’s unclear what you mean by the statement ‘The Bible incurs “faith” in the listener which is all that ever pleased God anyway.’

    The nature of “faith” is often the very thing in dispute in the various competing interpretive claims you pointed out. For example:

    What is “faith”?
    Where does “faith” come from?
    What is the nature and function of “faith”?
    What is the proper object of “faith”?
    Is there more than one kind of “faith”?

    These are serious questions about eternally weighty matters that deserve the utmost attention since human souls are at stake.

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  13. Of course different interpretations do matter and of course Scripture has one precise meaning (which also may come in figurative, symbolic and sometimes literal meanings and sometimes all three at the same time. And all that brings us back to what I said in the beginning. You and I both are going to interpret scripture to the very best of our understanding. I may try to convince you with my understanding of scripture, that you are wrong and about your interpretation of scripture, but at the end of the day we each make the decisions but our true hearts and motives will both be judged by God regardless of our opinions. The Bible is written in a mysterious way that causes this to occur in the believer. The Bible says plainly you cannot please God without faith and Jesus asks the question, “when I come will I find faith ” and we can have endless debates on what “correct faith” is and what it should be doing but you and I both know it comes by hearing the Word. And God if allowed, will have his way with the listener through this mystery of faith not because we studied the Bible and went out on an expedition and found Noah’s Ark,The Ark of the Covenant, The ashes of the Red Heifer, The Shroud of Turin, The Holy Grail and the robe that Jesus wore and now we can all “believe” because we have proof. Faith doesn’t work that way and we haven’t found them so far and I doubt seriously that we will ever find any of the above artifacts for that reason. So Coram Deo, what compels you to believe? What is this mysterious book that has given you faith?


  14. It appears that I either misread your prior comment about the importance of the accurate interpretation of Scripture, or else you conceded my point in your reply, so thank you either way.

    I wasn’t asking you questions about faith, I was merely using faith as a rhetorical device to make a point.


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