The new Nazis.

While America wrestles over whether or not to ban a flag, while our society fawns over a former Olympic athlete wearing a dress, while our media’s talking heads debate whether or not to call the Chattanooga shooting “terrorism,” and while most Christians are wringing their hands over the recent Supreme Court decision, Planned Parenthood continues its epically evil agenda of not only barbarically dismembering children for profit, but now they’re selling the body parts of the kids they murder . . . even discussing the creation of a “menu” for body part sales.

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4 thoughts on “The new Nazis.

  1. Words simply fail for this one, yet I’ve already read the abortuary apologists out in force defending this indefensible admission by the merchant of death in the video, and tut-tutting those responsible for recording and exposing this outrageous practice.

    Evil is good and good is evil. Maranatha, Lord Jesus.


  2. Yes, it is quite revealing what level of depravity we have reached when those working to save the lives of children are considered “terrorists,” but a transsexual, vehicular manslaughter defendant, who bribed his way into an Espy in exchange for some public relations plugs and an exclusive ABC interview, is called “courageous.”

    Up is down, hot is cold, left is right.

    If there was any doubt that Romans 1 is unfolding before our eyes, that doubt should be removed by now.


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  3. If the blood of righteous Able cried out from the ground, and God heard, and passed judgment, then what do you think the sewers of America sound like to God with 60,000,000 babies being aborted…

    If the divorce rate is higher now in church goers, and bankruptcy rate also, and psychotropic drug use, then what do you think the abortion rate is among church growers?

    Yes Maranatha indeed!

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  4. Birds of a feather abort together. Hitler’s Nazi party also had a pro-abortion plank. They even had a motto, every motherhood should be a planned motherhood. Sound eerily familiar. The Nazi wanted to abort the (inferior) races. So did the founders of PP but they called them disadvantaged instead of inferior.
    Yet the left propagandists calls us Nazis.

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