10 reasons why I’ve decided to become pro-choice.

*** UPDATE – J.L. Pattison was privileged to have his article featured on Wretched Radio where the host, Todd Friel, opened the show by reading this post and adding some colorful commentary. To listen to the epsiode, click here. ***


1). Although I am personally opposed to the practice, I do not want to impose my moral values upon others. So if someone else wants to hunt lions, then who am I to judge? My motto is: If you don’t like lion killing, then don’t kill one.

2). It’s clear that laws against lion hunting won’t stop lion hunting. It will only make lion hunting dangerous for the hunters because banning lion hunting will drive hunters into back jungles to seek unsafe hunting. We do not want to return to “back alley” hunting.

3). Anti-choicers sit atop their moral pedestals and dictate that others shouldn’t have safe and affordable access to lion hunting, proving they only care about lions and not the hunters.

4). What’s the harm? Lions are only blobs of tissue, cells, muscles, and skin. It’s just like killing a cockroach.

5). Lion hunting should be “safe, legal, and rare.” But in those cases when a lion is killed, just think of all the good things that come from its death. Just think of all the research that could be done with the lion’s harvested organs. Anti-choicers only care about lions, not the countless people who could benefit from the stem-cell research done on the harvested lion’s organs.

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5 thoughts on “10 reasons why I’ve decided to become pro-choice.

  1. Brilliant! Excellent analogy. I must admit that I was taken aback at how this skewed society showed a mass disdain for the death of a lion but believe that it is okay to kill an innocent unborn child. I should be used to all this by now but sometimes…SMH.

    For the record: I don’t want a lion killed either unless there is a threat to life. How could there be such an outrage over a lion? Thank you Lord for the truth that comes through knowing You. There are many intellectual fools who have more concern for an animal than a human.

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  2. It’s worse than you think. Headlines broke on “Zoophilia Today” that Cecil the Lion had just wedded Cedrick the Water Buffalo in a rare and sweetly beautiful story of inter-species same-sex marriage, when he was lured to his untimely death.

    Cecil and Cedrick had hidden their forbidden love because of the anti-interspecies-same-sex-marriage bigots that hold Kenya in the backwaters of the civilized world, but emboldened by the #LoveWins narrative and the historic SSM decision made by the SCOTUS they found the courage to come out, and formalize their nuptials in a moving ceremony conducted by the Right Reverend Gene Robinson.

    Following these revelations the wanton execution of Cecil the Lion is now being investigated as a hate crime by the Justice Department in cooperation with the Kenyan Ministry of Tolerance and Inclusion.

    Stay tuned!

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  3. Who’s image is on the coin? Who’s image is upon mankind? Whose image is in the womb?
    Gen 9 Is the foundation if not the singular basis for the death penalty, mankind is God’s image. Murdering God’s image is so evil in the eyes of God that it demands the death penalty.
    Those who oppose the death penalty do not esteem God, rather they belittle God. Could it be that the darkness so hates God that it delights in slaying His image in the womb?
    Life can only come from life. Life continues at conception.


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